Why Your Small Business Clients May Need a Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement 

blanket additional insured endorsement

As an agent or broker, serving your small business clients with the coverages they need to protect their dream is essential. Additional insured endorsements are important for parties who need protection as well.  

Blanket additional insured endorsement 

An additional insured is a person or entity that is added to the insurance policy of another party to provide coverage for certain types of liability. Small business owners may benefit from adding a Blanket Additional Insured form to their General Liability policy if they have contractual obligations with third parties requesting additional insured status. 

When a Blanket Additional Insured endorsement is attached to a liability insurance policy, it grants insured status to the person or organization that the named insured is required by contract to add as an insured. 

Coverage Forms Available in the Blanket Additional Insured Bundle 

The Coterie Insurance Blanket Additional Insured bundle includes these forms: 

Goodbye Wasted Time 

Quoting and binding policies is where agents see Coterie’s speed and simplicity come alive. Through the Coterie Dashboard, you can quote, change and bind Business Owners, General Liability, and Professional Liability policies in minutes. 

Who is Covered Under the Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement 

Unlike adding an Additional Insured (when a third party must be specifically named as an additional insured on the policy), Coterie’s Blanket Additional Insured endorsement covers the people and businesses your client has entered into a contractual agreement with, even if they are ever-changing. This could include: 

  • Suppliers 
  • Business Partners 
  • Clients 
  • Lessors/lessees 

It’s worth noting, if your client is a subcontractor, they not only should be providing coverage, but they should demand inclusion and proof of coverage from any others who are party to their contract(s). 

It’s important to communicate that the additional insured endorsement typically only covers liability related to the actions of the named insured. It may not provide coverage for claims related to the actions of the additional insured. 

Certificate of Insurance Updates Immediately 

Providing proof of insurance is a requirement of many small business contracts—making the Certificate of Insurance something your client needs yesterday. With Coterie, you can generate a COI when you need it to immediately provide to your client. 

Within minutes of binding or changing a policy, your client can hold a copy of their new certificate in their hand. The Certificate of Insurance shows the: 

  • Type of policy 
  • Coverage limits 
  • Policy endorsements 

It’s Just That Easy 

Small businesses are opening at a faster pace than any other time in history, ushering in an unprecedented opportunity for independent agents to get in on the ground floor with this untapped market. Of course, writing small business got a bad rap when traditional carriers created the one-size-fits-all insurance process. We say, “No more of that!” 

Coterie Insurance provides coverage for more than 80 percent of the small business market. With our lightning-fast automated underwriting process, you can: 

  • Get a bindable quote in seconds 
  • Serve your small business clients faster than ever before 

How Can We Help Grow Your Book? 

Feedback from agents is what we depend on to deliver the products and technology our partners need to be profitable in serving small businesses. It is how we came to deliver a fully automated system that supports our broad appetite, underwrites risks appropriately, and delivers for agents reliably—in minutes.  

This new way of serving the small business market is paying off handsomely for agents who are stepping into the future with us. Want to come along? 

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