Introducing Quote Snapshot

Coterie launches Quote Snapshot to provide small business clients

Over the past few months, independent agents and brokers told us that they wanted an easy, simple way to share prospective quotes with small business insurance clients. We heard the message loud and clear! 

We’re excited to announce that we’ve rolled out the new Quote Snapshot. Agents and brokers can use the Quote Snapshot to give their small business clients an easier way to understand their small business insurance quotes. 

What is Quote Snapshot? 

After quoting a policy for a small business client, the Quote Snapshot can be sent directly to the client so they can see the important details. Quote Snapshot provides the proposed coverage overview as well as the estimated monthly premium.

To share with your small business client, simply copy the Quote Snapshot URL and paste into an email or text message and send to your client.

Also from the Quote Snapshot, small business clients can find more detail like policy limits and terms.

Where is Quote Snapshot?

Find Quote Snapshot in the Coterie Dashboard. After completing a quote, the Quote Snapshot link will be available below Review & Pay. Note, Quote Snapshot will only be visible when a quote is in ready to bind status. 

Agents and brokers can use the Quote Snapshot to start a discussion around what coverages small business clients need and why.

Agent Feedback 

Coterie is committed to gathering feedback from independent agents to improve and refine small business insurance. If you have ideas, please let us know by emailing

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