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At Coterie Insurance, we’re redefining the commercial insurance experience for agents, brokers, partners, and small businesses. Let’s get started!

Where Ease Meets Profitability

Simplifying insurance for small business success.

Agents & Brokers

Quote & bind small, startup, pre-revenue, and home-based business insurance policies online – in minutes.

Digital Partners

Simple & highly customizable API integrations into the platforms and processes that businesses already use.

Small Businesses

Connect with a local insurance agent to discover why Coterie is the top choice of small businesses & contractors.

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Secure Coverage, Fast

Business insurance simplified through data & technology

  • Meeting small businesses where they want to do business
  • Using custom tools and coverage to serve each unique business faster, and more profitably

Uncomplicated buying and selling of commercial insurance

  • No more data entry
  • Digital, real-time underwriting
  • Bind 75% faster
  • Avoid errors and underwriting approval wait times

Business insurance built for today and the future

  • Backed by A-rated licensed insurers and reinsurers.
  • Appetite for 80%+ of small businesses
  • Admitted products in all 50 states
  • BOP, GL & PL

Our Amazing Partners & Agencies

The only truly digital underwriting platform on the market.

Seamless & Stress-Free Small Business Insurance

Agents & Brokers

Antiquated systems and slow processes mean making a profit on commercial insurance a near impossibility.

How much is your time worth? We think it’s worth quite a lot which is why we’ve simplified the whole process.

Embrace the easy with us!

Digital Partners

Add insurance to your technology platform.

No more lengthy integration processes. Coterie is designed for speed & simplicity.

Coterie APIs are simple. We help teams with limited resources get up and running faster.

Small Businesses

Purchasing insurance is an annoying chore.

With fast & easy application processes, accurate & reliable policies, and the best network of agents & brokers around, we make getting the right level of coverage for your business needs both quick and pain-free.

Think all commercial insurance platforms are created equal? Think again.

Rethink business insurance

Meet the 100% digital, data-powered underwriting platform delivering a relationship-focused experience.

Our products & services are continuously innovating based on our customers’ feedback.

Join the insurance revolution eliminating the hassles and delays of yesterday.

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Small Businesses

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At Coterie, we are putting relationships at the forefront of small business insurance.

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