Forget the old commercial insurance playbook

Coterie Insurance is the preferred choice for business insurance brokers seeking profitable, hassle-free commercial insurance solutions.

What if small business insurance was easy?

Easy Insurance Solutions for
Business Insurance Brokers

We’re designed for agents and business insurance brokers who want to spend time building trusted relationships with clients.

Get empowered by the latest technology, data, insurance coverage options, and world-class customer support.

Ready, set, and bind in just a few clicks

Coterie helps agents & business insurance brokers confirm business details, quote, and then digitally bind small business insurance – 75+% faster than ever before!

Let the data do the work for you by validating, not populating, your clients’ information to obtain an accurate quote.

Tailor coverage to your customers’ needs

Coterie was built for agents & brokers, by agents & brokers. That’s why our coverage options match your unique small business clients’ risks which we seamlessly deliver to you in the quoting process.

You can tailor coverage for each one of your clients’ needs.

Improved pace to profits

With Coterie, write more business, faster – 75% faster!
By rethinking the way small business insurance is sold, agents & business insurance brokers can now deliver a bindable quote to a client with just a name & address – maximizing profits and enabling you to spend more time building more purposeful relationships with clients.

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How it Works

Welcome to small commercial insurance solutions built for the 21st-century agent.

Step One

Log into Coterie

Login to your Coterie Dashboard and start a new quote. Enter your client’s full business name & address and watch the data do the work for you!

Step Two

Select the Industry

Select the industry that best describes the majority of your client’s revenue from the shown list. You can also choose to enter a different primary industry from those displayed.

Step Three

Confirm or Edit

We will prefill your client’s business details for you. From there, you are able to confirm or edit this information as needed.

Step Four

Customize & Bind Coverages

You can then customize your client’s coverages and review all coverage recommendations. Lastly, pay for the policy – all in minutes!

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Questions about Coterie’s Appetite?

Check out our digital appetite guide for industry-specific information and coverages.

Digital Appetite Guide

Watch a demo

Watch a short demo to learn more about the Coterie experience built for today’s small commercial insurance agents and brokers.

Agent Resources

Visit our agent resources page for everything you need to know in order to get started with Coterie Insurance!

How much is your time worth?

Agents & business insurance brokers are spending way too much time on small business insurance and not making a profit because traditional insurance carriers have antiquated systems and processes.

Cutting edge solutions

We write 80% of small businesses (including new & home-based businesses!), have admitted products in all 50 states (BOP, PL & GL), A-rated EXCELLENT carrier ratings, ISO and proprietary coverage forms, and best of all, all policy documents, certificates, renewals, billing & claims are all in one dashboard.

A one-way ticket to easy

Enter minimal information and receive all relevant risk information prefilled for you, no more accord forms means 80% less paperwork, no more “we’ll get back to you” by underwriters, know if a client is in-appetite in seconds, bind a policy in minutes, and so much more!

Transform Small Business Insurance from an Obligation
to an Opportunity

Built for small, new, & home-based businesses

Most carriers copy & paste their middle market underwriting processes for small businesses resulting in wasted time and energy.

Spend time doing what you do best

Agents (and clients) spend way too much time entering data when they could be using that time in better and more meaningful ways.

Save time and money

Small business insurance is more time-consuming and complicated than it is profitable. This needs to change.

The right coverage, for the right clients, at the right time

Now, more than ever, new businesses need their agent’s help selecting the right coverage. We want these clients to find you.

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