Putting relationships at the forefront of small business insurance

Relationships matter. From the start, Coterie has employed innovative technology to build stronger relationships.

Powered by data-backed underwriting, Coterie delivers accurate pricing and a submission-to-bind experience in less than one minute. Combining best-in-class technology while elevating relationships, Coterie makes the buying and selling of small business insurance effortless.


We build connections that drive success

Coterie launched in 2018 with the belief that small business insurance could be transformed by employing data and technology to benefit insurance agents and brokers as well as policyholders.

That’s why Coterie set out to simplify commercial insurance, using digital tools to reinvigorate the industry. We empower agents, brokers, and partners to quote and issue policies faster and easier than ever before. And our API integrates seamlessly into existing platforms businesses are already using. 

We’ve seen first-hand the impact that simplifying the insurance experience has to save time, reduce stress, and provide relief.

Our amazing investors

A small business insurance company meeting customers where they are

At Coterie Insurance, we build our own small business insurance solutions to meet the needs of our partners. We’re here to meet small businesses where they are and where they already do business, so they can get insured, and get back to work.

Want to join our Coterie?

We are on a mission to build and foster a world-class team to bring speed, simplicity, and service to commercial insurance. We value integrity, humility, passion, and intelligence. If you want to push yourself, promote social good, and reshape a $200B+ market, we’re excited to talk to you! 

Our HQ is in the Cincinnati area but we operate as a 100% digital business which makes it easy to work remotely.

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At Coterie, we are putting relationships at the forefront of small business insurance.

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