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How do I report a claim?

First, speak to your agent about the details of your loss. They can direct you on if your policy has coverage and if you should report a claim. They can also help you report a claim. You can report a claim by logging into your Policyholder Account. Then select the Report a Claim button to go through the reporting process. Our team will reach out in around two business days.

How do I add an additional insured?

Please first contact your insurance agent to add an additional insured. If you need to make the request, note that all requests must come in writing, we cannot process via chat or phone. For fastest resolution, please complete this form. Please include the additional insureds: Name, Address, and relationship to PolicyHolder.

I can’t log in using the “agent login” button on your website.

As a business owner and Coterie Insurance policyholder, you do not have access to log into our Dashboard. If you have an agent, please contact them for support. Or if you need assistance with your policy, reach us via support chat or phone.

How do I update my payment method?

You can easily update your payment method by going to our Billing Center.

I received a Failed Payment Notification, what do I do now?

If a payment fails, our system will attempt to pull automatically within a 10-day period.

To update your credit card information, log into the Billing Center.

Day of payment (i.e., 01/01/2023)

3 days after (i.e., 01/04/2023)

3 days after that (i.e., 01/07/2023)

3 days after that (i.e., 01/10/2023)

As long as the card on file is the correct card, the payment will be processed within that 10-day period. We cannot manually charge the card within this period. If you are beyond the 10-day window, you will need to make your payment here or call us.

How do I change my business name, address, billing frequency, or policy type?

The following changes will result in a new policy being issued to you and your business:

  • Business name changes (adding or removing LLC, LLP, S-Corp, Inc, etc.)
  • Business address changes on BOP’s
  • Increasing Damages to Premises Rented to You
  • Changing from annual billing to monthly billing, or vice versa
  • Changing for GL to BOP, or vice versa

To make these updates, please use our Policy Change form.

How do I cancel or non-renew my policy?

Please reach out to your agent to discuss your coverage needs. You can use this form if you wish to cancel or non-renew your policy with us.

Does my General Liability include Building or Personal Property?

Insurance is complex which is why we recommend always working with a licensed insurance agent or broker to understand what coverages you need.

General Liability policies do not include building or personal property coverage. You would need a business owners policy (BOP). A BOP includes General Liability as well as Building and Personal Property coverage.

My business operates at multiple locations, can I include each of these on one Coterie policy?

We require each business location to have its own policy. i.e. One policy for each address from which the business operates.

I don’t have contact info for an agent to help me with my policy. Where do I go next?

Go to our Find an Agent page, enter your ZIP code, and connect with a licensed insurance expert that can work with Coterie to assist you in updating your policy.

Can I view sample policies?

The following documents are for your use. If you don’t see something that you think would be beneficial to supporting you or your small business, please reach out to support@coterieinsurance.com.

Sample of our GL Base Policy

Sample of our BOP Base Policy

Sample of our PL Base Policy

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General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability insurance protects your business from liability arising from claims of damage or injury. Often, General Liability insurance is required by landlords, financial institutions, industry regulations, or even your clients.

Business Owners Policies

BOPs generally make sense for small businesses based outside the home or businesses with equipment and property to protect. A Business Owners Policy will provide business income coverage.

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