Work with Coterie


We create insurance products and buying experiences to meet the needs of our partners. Whether you just need a place to refer customers or want to create a seamless insurance buying experience that’s integrated into your flow, Coterie can help.

Partners Love Coterie

Most people don’t care about insurance. We are not here to fix that. Instead, we build insurance into what your customers are already doing, saving them time, money, and getting them the right coverage for the job. We provide a solution that:
  • Is fast, easy, and competitively priced.

  • Can provide incremental revenue opportunities.

  • Adds more value to your customers and builds trust.

  • Improves retention of your customer base.

Your Customers Will Too

  • Fast and easy. Get a customized quote in seconds and buy a policy in minutes.

  • Products built to meet their needs with unparalleled flexibility.

  • Access to licensed, experienced, agents via phone or chat, anytime. Free.

  • World class customer support & over-the-top help.

  • An approach to insurance that understands they want peace of mind but don’t want to think about it unless they need it.

Current Insurance Offerings

BOP policy icon

Business Owner's Policy

A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) is a General Liability Policy and a Commercial Property Policy combined into one.
GL policy icon

General Liability Policy

A General Liability Policy covers you when other parties sue you over bodily injury, property damage, advertising and personal injury.
PL policy icon

Professional Liability Policy

A Professional Liability Policy (also known as Errors & Omissions insurance) covers you when other parties sue over a failure to perform the service that your business was expected to complete.

Integration Options

Full API Integration

Your population can apply, bind, and pay for Coterie policies without ever leaving your site.

Partial API Integration

You collect and pass applicant data to Coterie. Based on the information provided, Coterie calculates a price and passes it back to your system along with a link to finish the application on Coterie’s website (or a white labeled version of it).


You pass applicant data to Coterie, we pre-populate an application link and send it to applicant via email. Non Integrated: We create a unique referral URL you use to send people directly to Coterie’s website.