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  • Date of the loss
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The fastest and easiest way to report a claim is online.

Policyholders: We make it super easy – simply enter your email on the login page and we’ll send you an email to login. No password required!

Agents, Attorneys & Third-Parties: Report a claim using the form.

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Here’s what you need to report your claim

Important: Make sure to have your policy number, carrier name and details of the loss. You can find these on your policy documents.

After reporting your claim your dedicated claims team member will walk you through the process and tell you all about the next steps.


What should I know about small business claims? 

Navigating the world of small commercial insurance claims can be tricky, and misconceptions often lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. Learn about common small business misconceptions.

How do I report a claim? 

Report the loss online. You can also call us at 855-680-2440.    

What happens after I report a claim? 

Once we have your claim, you can expect to hear from Coterie within 3-5 business days.  Your claims representative, also known as an adjuster, will be assigned to investigate your claim. An adjuster is a licensed and trained professional who is charged with evaluating the claim to determine settlement under the terms of the policy. Please allow us time to review your information. Be sure to check your email and phone for any messages we might have left about your claim. 

Your adjuster will contact all involved parties, other insurance companies, witnesses and estimators. It may seem like a slow process, but your adjuster is working hard towards a full resolution on your claim. Your adjuster may have little to no update on your claim until a full investigation is complete. 

How long will it take for my claim to be settled? 

Every claim is different so there is no standard time frame. However, we are committed to resolving each claim as quickly as possible.  

Coterie Insurance investigates every claim including thoroughly reviewing coverage, determining facts, and analyzing the extent of the loss. The time this can take depends on the complexity of the claim.  

You can help Coterie with your claim by being communicative and cooperative with us throughout the claims process. 

What can cause a claim settlement to be delayed?

Delays are most often caused by a lack of information needed to resolve the claim. This includes key people not responding to emails or not being available by phone. 

It’s a good idea to add your adjuster’s phone and email information to your list of contacts so that you never miss important messages from them.  

If my claim is about injury to an employee on the job or automobile coverage, should I report it with Coterie?

No, Coterie does not write workers’ compensation or automobile policies. Therefore, these claims should not be reported with Coterie as there will be no coverage under Coterie Insurance policies. 

If I rent my business space, what should I do?

As a tenant, read your lease to understand what your responsibility is when it comes to a loss. The lease agreement will not match the policy with Coterie. Learn more about renting business space.

Do Coterie’s policies cover warranty of work performed?

No, Coterie policies do not offer coverage for warranty work performed such as incomplete or unsatisfactory results. For example, an interior paint contractor using the wrong color on a client’s walls would not be covered by a Coterie policy.

Loss Run Report

Loss run reports demonstrate claims history during an insurance policy period and help insurance professionals evaluate risk.

Coterie Insurance State Fraud Warning Language

It’s important that along with your Coterie Applications Inc. insurance policy to also review the applicable fraud warning. 

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