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    How Fast Is Insurance?

    Justin Suttmiller

    We don’t know how fast insurance is, but at Coterie, we know how fast we can be.

    Stay Sharpe

    David McFarland

    I’m standing on the 2ft wide girder of a bridge 300ft above a river. Nothing separates me from eternity but a strong gust of wind. No handrails, no ropes, no idea what I’m doing. Feel familiar?

    Changing Commercial Insurance

    David McFarland

    We officially launched Coterie via our first channel partnership with HOMEE! Having been a part of many product launches I can say that this one is special.

    What I’ve Learned About Insurance Studying for My Agent’s License

    Kevin Mackey

    I definitely don't know everything about insurance, but I've learned some practical tips that may help you understand it better for your business.

    De-risking the Future of Work

    David McFarland

    Work has been evolving in the past decade and digital platforms like freelance marketplaces are a reason why. As the places people find work mature, unexpected innovators can make the process smoother and less risky for workers and those who pay them. At least that's our spin on things!

    The Heart of Data Science

    Steve Barnard

    While becoming a great data scientist is, and should be, an ongoing endeavor, at its heart beats six core skills.