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Your agents and brokers want tech-savvy insurance solutions, and Coterie delivers the easiest digital small commercial solution on the market.

Help your members go from potential deals to wins, faster.

Small Business Insurance, Simplified.

Bring your agents the simplified small business insurance market they’ve been waiting for.

Quotes in Minutes

We answer our own underwriting questions so you don’t have to spend time with manual data entry.

Built For Convenience

Drive efficiency and scale processes by empowering agents through increased productivity.

Always Online

Digital insurance drives business growth and relationship-building.

How it Works

Automated underwriting means we only ask for two pieces of information – business name and address!

Step One

Log into Coterie

Login to your Coterie Dashboard and start a new quote. Enter your client’s full business name & address and watch the data do the work for you!

Step Two

Add Business Details

Select the industry that best describes the majority of your client’s revenue from the shown list. You can also choose to enter a different primary industry from those displayed.

Step Three

Reflected Pricing

We will prefill your client’s business details for you. From there, you are able to confirm or edit this information as needed.

Step Four

Create a Quote & Issue Policy

You can then customize your client’s coverages and review all coverage recommendations. Lastly, pay for the policy – all in minutes!

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Check out our digital appetite guide for industry-specific information and coverages.

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How much is your time worth?

Agents & business insurance brokers spend way too much time on small business insurance without making a profit because traditional insurance carriers have antiquated systems and processes.

Cutting edge solutions

We write 80% of small businesses (including new & home-based businesses!), have admitted products in all 50 states (BOP, PL & GL), A-rated EXCELLENT carrier ratings, ISO and proprietary coverage forms, and best of all, all policy documents, certificates, renewals, billing & claims are all in one dashboard.

A one-way ticket to easy

Enter 2 pieces of information and receive all relevant risk information prefilled for you, no more accord forms mean 80% less paperwork, and no more “we’ll get back to you” from underwriters. Know if a client is in-appetite in seconds, bind a policy in minutes, and so much more!

Transform small business insurance from an obligation
to an opportunity

Custom underwriting for better results

We underwrite each risk based on that risk’s unique characteristics.

Spend time doing what you do best

Forget entering data, and take your business to the next level by building relationships with your clients.

Save time and money

Small business insurance used to be more time-consuming and complicated than profitable. Join the revolution simplifying it.

Get assistance so the choice is simple

Now, more than ever, new businesses need their agent’s help selecting the right coverage. We believe in the trusted counsel of licensed agents and brokers.

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