3 Ways to Build Your Digital Business

Build your digital business

By Derkia Thomas, Thryv

No matter how experienced you are with technology or digital workflows, now’s the time to take your business’s digital transformation to the next level. We’ve got three places for you to start: 

  1. Social media
  2. Virtual services and events
  3. Centralized CRM for customer and employee interactions 

Below you’ll find an overview and insider tips for each. If you want to dig deeper into your digital switch, visit Thryv’s 2021 Modern Small Business Playbook, where you’ll also find an in-depth checklist with all of your to-do’s.

Flexing your social media muscles

Connecting with your customers is easier than you think. Because 82% of people in North America are active on social media, we know you can guess where you need to put your marketing efforts. 

When consumers are checking out new brands, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re checking for social media accounts. It’s a great time to have a little fun while pushing your products and services.

Use social media to:

  • Show off recent work
  • Invite interactions
  • Update customers on changes you’re making
  • Share behind the scenes moments

Social media posting doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so don’t hesitate to hire someone to handle the job for you. Neglecting your social media is a small incident that turns into a big issue. Can you imagine losing potential customers because they question the legitimacy of your business based on an inactive Facebook or Instagram feed?

Consider streamlining the process by scheduling out your social media posts within your CRM. Through Thryv’s dashboard businesses can create and schedule posts to Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Writer’s block is a thing of the past because Thryv users have the option to choose from thousands of industry-based pre-written posts and pair them with their photo or one from the library. The best part is the ability to schedule the post across your different channels without leaving the dashboard.

Staying Within Reach

When stay-at-home orders launched, small businesses had to think quickly. They couldn’t afford for COVID to shut down their businesses, so they got creative with ways to keep customers coming back. While the craziest days may have subsided, some COVID trends are here to stay. The name of the game is to keep convenience within arms reach and optimize your digital business.

Virtual services

Offering classes and services online proved to be a real money maker. In 2020 alone, e-commerce accelerated by 5 years. Customers who once enjoyed Panzanella at the local Italian restaurant up the street could now make those same heavenly dishes in the comfort of their home thanks to the mom-and-pop shop offering online cooking workshops.

Virtual events

Workshops, webinars and classes going virtual is the enrichment gift that keeps on giving. Consumers can now save on the flight and hotel costs they’d normally fork over with companies going digital. This trend is one worth keeping around even if you’d like to resume with in-person events. You’re sure to expand your audience reach and even land better sales by doing so.

Virtual control

Put the power into the hands of your customers by allowing them to schedule, book and make payments online on their own time. If you haven’t incorporated contactless payments options into your business, it’s time. 

The last thing customers have time to do is search for exact change to satisfy cash-only vendors or pens to write a check. In fact, more than half of American consumers are already using some form of contactless payments.

  • Rather than paper invoices, request payment from their phones. With Thryv’s pay by SMS text feature, clients can settle their accounts from the palm of their hand.
  • Skip the check writing and allow customers to pay through their checking account. Thryv users can accommodate these customers by allowing them to pay online (via ACH) with ThryvPay, and businesses save big on transaction fees.

Ditching the Mounds of Paper

Make a couple of bucks by selling your filing cabinets to a business caught in the Stone Age. The switch to a digital system means you’re able to cut back on paper waste (and cost) and better streamline processes for your entire team. Think of the time saved. 

What about having communication in one place, without switching between texts and emails? Yes, you can be that organized with the right end-to-end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

Your customers will appreciate how much easier you are to do business with. Having all of their information in one central location, like a Client Card within your CRM, means they’re not having to fill out forms every time one is misplaced or damaged.

You have the convenience of using technology to boost both customer and employee experience. Take it from Thryv user Rob Ruggerio, who owns Navigate Financial Aid. His team went from mounds of paper and filing cabinets to one simple dashboard. Check out his story here

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