Coterie Insurance Helps Agents Come to the Rescue of Small Businesses

Our agents provide council support and are there for their community of small businesses every single day. They are truly an indispensable resource for small business owners. Recently an insurance agent from Versured Insurance, Ginger Meader, was able to provide a fantastic insurance experience for a small business owner through Coterie Insurance. 

Meader Overhead Door & Opener, LLC is a small garage door service and installation company serving the greater Flagler County, FL area. Like many other small businesses, Meader Overhead Door & Opener, LLC receives most of its business through word of mouth. Owner Brad Meader’s business has been greatly impacted by the global pandemic, causing the materials needed to provide his services to double in cost. To continue helping and serving his community, Brad has reduced his labor charges in an attempt to keep his services as affordable as possible. He turned to his insurance agent (and wife), Ginger, to see how she could help him get the best coverage for his business so he could stay protected during this tumultuous time.  

Ginger knew exactly the solution for Brad’s business – she turned to Coterie Insurance. Coterie was able to not only save Brad money on his annual premium but also provide him with a more well-rounded insurance product.  

We love to hear how insurance agents use Coterie Insurance to help their small business clients get back to what they do best – serving their communities! 

Curious how Coterie Insurance helps other agents support their small business clients? Visit our Success Stories page to read more firsthand experiences from agents who have helped their clients using Coterie Insurance.

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