Coterie Insurance On Site to Support In-Person Insurance Agent Training

In September, a few members of Coterie Insurance’s Go-To-Market team ventured to Allen, TX, to provide in-person insurance agent training for one of our incredible partners, Quantum Assurance.

The purpose of this visit was to further educate new and existing Quantum agents, in real time, about what they can do to help their small business communities and the customers they serve through Coterie Insurance. 

While Coterie Insurance enjoys the flexibility and personal benefits of being a primarily remote company for both our employees and agents, we know how valuable time together in person can be. 

“It was great to connect with Quantum agents in person to gain their candid feedback on working with Coterie Insurance,” said Account Director Ashleigh Burden. “Agents are such a vital part of our mission to simplify small business insurance so any opportunity to share and learn from each of their experiences is priceless!” 

The agent insurance training, facilitated by Ashleigh along with Regional Distribution Director Jane Decker, reviewed all the features and benefits Coterie Insurance offers to small business insurance agents. 

The informational training was followed by a demo of the company’s proprietary Dashboard, which is where a Coterie Insurance affiliated agent can check if a business is within appetite, quote and bind a policy in under 5 minutes. Needless to say, the demo was short but not without reason! We aim to make insurance easy for our agents so they can get back to what they do best – helping small businesses. 

Coterie Insurance’s Dashboard also stores any quotes and policies the affiliated agent has written with us, for easy policy tracking and organization. 

One-on-one agent insurance training opportunities like this are important not only for refreshing agents on the capabilities of a tool like Coterie Insurance, but to hear first hand how we can continue to benefit the agents we serve. Agency Success Leader for Quantum Assurance, Fernando Ortiz, agrees, “Coterie brings Quantum Agents a superb product that is positioned for the future of our industry. Additionally, ever since our partnership, team Coterie has gone above and beyond supporting our organization and our clients.”  

Not only did our Coterie team members have the chance to answer questions and address agent case-by-case comments at this training, they also had the opportunity to get to know them better to understand what they truly need from us in order to empower their success. 

“We left the Quantum Assurance training completely energized,” added Jane. “Getting to partner with a future-focused organization like Quantum gives us a head start at creating the tools agents need most.” . 

For any agents who were not already affiliated with Coterie Insurance, we were able to help them quickly get signed up and get the ball rolling so they could start offering quick and easy insurance solutions to their small business clients. 

While we do hold weekly online demos –  sign up for here –  we are always happy to discuss scheduling an in-person agent insurance training. Interested in hosting your own in-person training with Coterie Insurance? Have further questions about what the training entails? Contact us at for more information. 

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