Coterie Insurance Now Offers Damage to Premises Rented to You

Damage to premises rented by you

We’re thrilled to now offer what you’ve been long asking for – damage to premises rented to you! With this optional coverage, you can now provide small businesses with expanded coverage through our general liability policies

What is damage to Premises rented to you? 

This coverage provides protection against claims made by a tenant for damages that he or she has made to premises rented from the owner. Premises means any land, buildings or structures. 

The coverage contains two coverage. 

  1. Coverage for claims arising from fire damage to the rented premises
  2. Coverage for claims that arise from damage by any cause other than fire to premises or contents for premises rented less than 7 days 

This coverage helps small businesses feel more secure when renting space to conduct business operations. 

Many small businesses rent one unit of a building, versus an entire building. For full coverage in the case of a covered event, the small business would put the entire physical address in the general liability policy. 

What types of small businesses should consider this coverage?

Small businesses that use rented space to conduct business operations should consider this coverage. Sometimes, it may be a requirement of their lease agreement. 

Where can agents find this coverage on our Dashboard? 

You can find this coverage under the Endorsements tab in the Dashboard.  

If you have questions about this coverage or requests for future coverages to be considered, please contact

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