Why This Agent Says Go to Coterie Insurance First 

Come to Coterie first

Kelly Spies is passionate about securing coverage for her small business clients. Learn how she uses Coterie to give herself a competitive edge when it comes to prospecting.

Meet Kelly

Kelly Spies has owned her agency, KS Pacific Insurance Agency, for four years now. She came to the insurance industry the way many of us come – by chance! She applied randomly for a job at a mom-and-pop insurance brokerage and was hired on the spot. She learned everything about the industry along the way and then decided to strike out on her own after a few years. 


After working exclusively in commercial insurance for several years, Kelly started to explore how working with an insurtech could help her manage her day-to-day operations. She wasn’t sure about how the technology could help her, but she felt it was worth looking into.  

“I’ve always known that insurtech was coming and on the forefront of the industry,” Kelly explained. “I knew that was the direction I needed to go.” 

Coterie Ease of Use 

Kelly started working with Coterie through First Connect which provided access. Her first impression was positive – she loved the speed, ease, and especially not having to do Accord forms.  

“It’s so simple for my clients. I love that when I get into Coterie to quote a business and put information in, the system is already finding the information for me,” she said. “As agents we have to do so much but it’s not necessary with Coterie because Coterie does a lot of those things for me.” 

Kelly specializes in commercial insurance and knows well how busy the average business owner is. Business owners don’t want call backs, they want to take care of their insurance needs and then get back to work. And that’s the service that Kelly aims to deliver.  

Prospecting with Coterie 

One of Kelly’s favorite parts of using Coterie is the ability it gives her to quote while prospecting out and about.  

“With Coterie I can stand there and run a quote and then email it to my clients. That is invaluable to be able to quote right then and there. I go to food trucks and if someone asks for a quote, I quote on the spot with Coterie,” Kelly said. “Even if it’s just an initial quote, it builds a connection that’s different than any other prospecting technique.” 

The ability to prospect differently keeps Kelly coming back to Coterie. 

The Coterie Difference 

Another Coterie feature appreciated by Kelly is the ability to increase coverage for the damage to premises rented to you. In California where Kelly lives, costs are expensive to rebuild or repair, and Coterie’s optional higher limits enable her to provide adequate coverage to her clients.  

Additionally, Kelly enjoys the service she receives with Coterie.  

“Anytime I have a question or need help, I know I can reach out and I’ll get an answer quickly.” 

Go to Coterie First

That is only one of the reasons Kelly encourages agents to go to Coterie Insurance first.  

“When I’m quoting, Coterie is the first place I pull up. If it fits with Coterie, I’m literally not going anywhere else!” 

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