Coterie Launches Small Business Insurance Solutions for Agents and Brokers

Small business insurance for agents and brokers

CINCINNATI, January 21, 2021 – Coterie, the technology company that simplifies buying small business insurance, today announced the launch of digital insurance solutions for independent agents and brokers that will help them streamline processes and better serve small business clients. 

Coterie for independent insurance agents and brokers, launching in January 2021, allows agents to digitize their small business insurance operations – saving them valuable time by making applications quick and easy, enabling them to provide exceptional customer service, and providing agencies and brokerages with a 24/7 online presence.

“Coterie is on a mission to make business insurance easy,” said Tim Metzner, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer and Co-Founder of Coterie. “We know that most business insurance still goes through an agent or broker – they are an invaluable resource! We also have heard loud and clear that the process of quoting, binding, and servicing small business insurance policies can be more time consuming than it is profitable. Coterie for agents and brokers simplifies the application process and offers automated underwriting and binding, digitally transforming how agents and brokers operate when servicing their small business clients.”

Coterie’s tech-based business insurance solutions for independent agents and brokers will be launching at the end of the month in select states and will expand to the remaining states throughout 2021. Onboarded agents and brokers will be able to:

  • Instantly quote and issue policies or renewals
  • Benefit from 100% digital up-front underwriting and an expansive appetite for the small businesses of today
  • Gain immediate access to policy documents, insurance certificates, renewals, billing and claims – all in one dashboard
  • Leverage Coterie’s technology to enable a 24/7 digital presence 
  • Start quoting right away using Coterie’s robust agent portal
  • Give their policyholders the ability to manage their own certificates or make policy changes
  • Access professional claims handling and hands-on customer service support

“Coterie for independent agents and brokers will also be available right within the software tools and workflows that agents leverage today to help manage their business,” said David McFarland, CEO and co-founder of Coterie. “Through our simple, easy to use APIs, we are able to integrate with the leading digital insurance platforms on the market to deliver a simple quoting experience for agents and unlock the power of data to provide instant, bindable quotes.” 

Visit to learn more about which states are currently live, what insurance products are available, to download the appetite guide, to apply to become a Coterie Producer, and more.

About Coterie

Coterie is on a mission to make business insurance easy. Through tech-based business insurance solutions, Coterie delivers simpler coverage, better pricing, and a streamlined experience. By enabling the instant quoting and issuing of policies as well as a 100% digital underwriting process, agents and brokers are able to simplify and digitize their operations to better serve small businesses. Digital insurance platforms are able to leverage Coterie’s simple, easy to integrate APIs to further streamline the quoting and binding experience. Coterie’s expansive appetite is the most inclusive for the small businesses of today. For more information on Coterie and the digital transformation of small business insurance, go to



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