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Differentiate Your Commercial Services with a Rockstar Value Proposition 

No one cares about your agency. At least at first. No one cares when you were founded, how long you’ve been an agent, or even what your values are. These are important to add credibility to your agency but it’s not the digital presence or story that’s going to bring clients in or separate you from all the other established agencies out there. 

New clients don’t buy for who you are, they buy for the problem you can help them solve. It’s your job through your value proposition and your messaging to bring to light what these problems are in a simple and effective way. 

It’s easy to equate what you offer to the types of coverage, your team, and the support with benefits your customer cares about.  

Imagine going to the doctor with an intense migraine. You are not necessarily concerned with the brand of medicine the doctor gives you as long as it fixes the pain in your head. The same is true for feature-focused value propositions. Without addressing the root of what you offer, it’s irrelevant. 

This makes sense, though, what you offer is familiar. You know your business inside and out. However, the problem is that potential clients may not know that they need all the great things you offer. That’s where a well-written value proposition comes in. Decent value propositions take what you do and translate it into benefits that focus on solving the client’s problems. 

Rock star value propositions, ones that sell, show the client why they aren’t buying what you do, but rather the known or yet-to-be-discovered problems that you will solve for them. The key here is talking to potential clients about what’s important to them. Clients will tune out once you start talking about things they don’t believe apply to them. Until they’re forced to pay attention like when they need a certificate of insurance for an upcoming job. 

When you reframe your value propositions from their perspective it feels less like a sales pitch and more like solving a problem. Even better, it makes them feel like you’re on their side. This doesn’t mean just listening to your client’s pain points. Learning to think from their perspective is crucial. They’re experts in their field and you’re an expert in yours, combining this knowledge will give you a more holistic understanding of the business problem and a fresh perspective for solving it. 

Here are the three main things you should consider when creating a rock star value proposition:  

  1. Understand the big picture/end result. The first step is to know why the lack of insurance coverage is a problem for your clients. Understand the broad context of the market and where your services fit in. 
  1. Understand your buyer personas – the internal and external motivation to purchase insurance is unique to each client. These motivations can also have many similarities across your overall target customer base. 
  1. Understand how you differ from your competitors. Chances are you and your competitors have similar offerings and services. In this case, client choice often comes down to price. To avoid this, establishing competitive differentiation is mission-critical. 

Differentiate your agency’s digital presence by leveraging proof points like customer testimonials. Use quality content to educate your customers. Lastly, survey your customers or create user groups to hear about what’s most important to them. 

Start creating your own rockstar value proposition today to grow your digital presence by downloading our Rockstar Value Prop cheat sheet.  

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