From Policy to Loss to Recovery: Relationships Drive the Small Business Insurance Experience

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David Brisco, Subrogation Attorney with the California-based law firm, Cozen O’Connor, joins “And I Quote” this week to illustrate how the importance of relationships surges throughout the insurance experience. 

When an insured suffers a loss caused by a third party, insurance companies reserve the right to subrogate against the third party. This means they could hire someone like David to pursue the third party for repayment of the claim costs. 

You’ll hear the CSI undertones as David describes what happens in the first 48 hours after a loss—a crucial period for documenting and investigating the details and circumstances of the loss. Follow him into the courtroom, too, where he describes, again, how relationships make all the difference. 

As with most things, communication is key. When it comes to subrogation, there can be lot of people to communicate with: the insured, insurance company, claims adjuster, investigators, agents, witnesses, manufacturers, experts, lenders, local authorities, courts, etc. 

Navigating among such diverse people and interests shaped David’s approach to communication, which helps him create more communication and more availability, even when it’s hard to get people in the same room. 

“Relationships matter so much in this industry,” David said. “We love it. We love what we do.” 

This week’s episode of “And I Quote” is hosted by Brian Thomas, VP of Claims Experience at Coterie Insurance. 

“And I Quote” brings together insurance experts to help build relationships and stay current in the industry. See it on your favorite podcast platform: YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and the Google Play Store

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