From Social Influence to BNI Groups: This is How to Build a Network that Works

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Insurance Broker and Social Influencer Brett Fulmer, better known as Broker Brett, and Trevor Hayes from Advantis Insurance Services, join, “And I Quote,” to discuss lessons learned from the radically different ways each builds his professional network. 

“There’s no way it doesn’t work out,” Trevor said about the importance of networking. “The network is what builds your wealth over time.” 

Brett and Trevor agree networking is key, but each has a unique perspective on how to go about building a network that feeds success. Trevor leads with building a referral pipeline through in-person industry and non-industry groups, then supports his relationships through social media. By contrast, Brett leads with social media to build relationships that, in turn, fill his referral pipeline. 

“It’s dealer’s choice,” Trevor said. “Every agent has the choice to do whatever they want.” 

Certainly, the COVID-19 pandemic dampened in-person meetings and spurred interest in gathering online. In fact, Trevor and Brett met through Broker Brews, a monthly online get together Brett hosts. Trevor admits not knowing what to expect when he discovered the group, but decided, “At worst, I could talk a little smack with others in the industry.” 

Beyond the smack-talk, what both share about their networking efforts is an actionable list of what worked, what didn’t, and how to decide what best fits your style and goals. 

Listen now to leverage these valuable lessons—and find out how this week’s host, Director of Claims Experience Brian Thomas, responds when asked about one of the most important aspects of small business insurance: claim service. 

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