How Insurance Agents Use Coterie Drive More Revenue

Insurance Agents use Coterie to help their small business customers succeed

As the old adage goes, “time is money.” Instead of spending too much time handling small business insurance the old-fashioned way, Coterie helps independent agents use digital tools to quote and issue small business policies in minutes. With 100% digital up-front underwriting, Coterie makes small business insurance faster and easier than ever before.  This allows agents to focus less on paperwork and correspondence with carriers, and allocate more time advising their customers.

What agents are saying 

Agent Brendan Williams of Don Williams & Associate Insurance Services said, “I can find it [the policy] within five minutes. It makes it a lot easier than going through some old legacy system that’s going to take 45 minutes.”

Coterie uses data and algorithms to power the entirely digital underwriting process. Historically, insurance has used actuaries who determine risk through complex calculations. Now, using proprietary digital tools, insurance agents can write small business insurance with Coterie in just minutes. 

“Why wouldn’t I write with a company that makes it easy to quote, easy to issue, easy to get documents, and easy to service?” said LeRoy Redding of Redding Insurance. “I’m really grateful for companies like Coterie that are thinking outside the box.”

“I tend to think about it in terms of what is my time worth,” said Craig Covey of Covey Insurance. “With Coterie, the value of my time per hour is raised.”

Why Coterie supports independent agents 

If you’re an agent spending way too much time writing small business insurance, get affiliated with Coterie today. Unlike many insurtechs, we value the relationships that insurance agents have with customers and are here to support agents writing small business insurance. 

In addition to the speed and ease of use of the Coterie Dashboard, insurance agents also enjoy Coterie’s responsive customer service.

“The chat feature is so great,” exclaimed Rachelle Cobarrubias of MEA Associates and Insurance Servies. “They either respond instantly or in just a couple of minutes but they give me an answer. If I have a client question or anything like that, they respond back quickly, helping us sell.”

Learn what’s in Coterie’s appetite and see just how easy it is to write and issue small business insurance on our Producer Resources page. Ideas, thoughts or feedback? We want to hear from you! Email us at

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