You Asked, We Delivered: Instant Business Insurance is Here

Quote and Sell 75% faster with the SimplyBind Experience

Since launching in 2018, agents and brokers have told us how complicated and time-consuming writing small business insurance could be. We listened, and are delivering a quoting and binding process to bring you the instant business insurance solution you want.

Since launching in early July, agents and brokers like you have enjoyed the prefill experience that enables more efficient prospecting and meeting small businesses quickly with the insurance solution they deserve.  

Coterie enables instant business insurance

Benefits of instant business insurance through Coterie include:

  • Instant quoting and binding – help small business customers when they need insurance! 
  • Enjoy prefilled information based off of 2 pieces of information: business name and address. 
  • We answer our own underwriting questions, saving you time and money. 
  • Go faster with pre-selected and simplified industry descriptions.
  • Enjoy pricing that better reflects the individual business’ risk.
  • See more dynamic coverage recommendations by the industry.
  • We now provide more sophisticated use of exclusions by exposure. 
  • Agencies can onboard new producers with Coterie – it’s easy to use! 
  • Change the way you sell. Prospect more efficiently by providing leads with a bindable quote. 

The benefits of Coterie Insurance include everything from how agents can sell in new ways to how quickly agents can get coverage for their small business clients. Coming to Coterie first, agents can get a wealth of information about prospects based on just two pieces of information.

Coterie Insurance is here for the agents and brokers of today serving America’s small business clients. Learn more about how easy it is to quote and bind small commercial insurance with Coterie Insurance today.  

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