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Roger Hayek, owner of Hayek Insurance Agency, and Christopher Depalma, owner of two small businesses with multiple locations, are an agent-client powerhouse in California.

In this week’s episode of, “And I Quote,” Roger and Christopher share their compelling story about how everyone—agent, business owner and community—benefits from quality relationships. 

“That’s the formula for success,” said Roger. “Surrounding yourself with the right people, understanding your clientele, getting feedback from them ….” 

Both Roger and Christopher have been honing the deepest details of their success formula for decades. Christopher started his first business, a martial arts school, when he was a senior in high school. Understanding business, he added an ice cream parlor next. Today he has a rinse-and-repeat model he uses to duplicate his business wherever there’s an opportunity. Roger started as a captive insurance agent 30 years ago and decided to go independent because he knew there was a better way to do business. 

Fate tried to introduce Roger and Christopher many years ago—they both went to the same high school, though were in different grades. It took a little more time, though, and a couple of interesting twists before the fire was lit. 

Relationships are what both men credit for their success. “He knows he can always reach me,” Roger said. “He makes my life easier,” Christopher said. 

For those in business or thinking about starting, don’t miss Christopher’s advice about how to measure, “If the juice is worth the squeeze.” 

“And I Quote” is hosted this week by Brian Thomas, director of claims experience at Coterie Insurance. Because relationships matter. 

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