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Cassidy Arbeli is a Las Vegas-based insurance agency consultant who teaches entrepreneurs how to plan for business growth—and how to make sure that growth is profitable. Cassidy joins “And I Quote” this week to share her successes, mistakes, and the proven strategies she used to build several of her own successful businesses, multiple streams of income, and the freedom to do things her own way. 

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Cassidy’s parents worked very hard for what they had. Going off to college, Cassidy didn’t think what they had was enough for how hard they worked. She decided to pursue her psychology degree. 

As fate would have it, though, Cassidy’s call to the insurance space returned in the form of a business offer to run her own insurance agency. The stories she recalls about being at her new office, making calls, getting organized, and climbing over barriers are potently relatable—though not everyone does this with their three-week-old baby in their arms. 

She details the decade it took to put the pieces of her success into a customizable and teachable model, and she acknowledges some of that time was lonely, stressful, and difficult. Throughout, she gave herself the same advice she gives everyone: “It’s going to get better. It’s inevitable. Just keep going. Keep believing in yourself.” 

There is the lift all entrepreneurs experience when building something new. “It’s kind of like a game, figuring out how it fits together,” Cassidy said. 

Then there’s the soar, when the potential comes fully into view—the true breadth and depth of impact. “As soon as I saw this really working for other, the potential went 10X,” she said. 

The time between is where Cassidy serves as an invaluable asset to insurance agents and owners, through her consulting firm, Agency by Design, her podcast, “Unburden Your Business,” and her Facebook group, Female Insurance Agency Owners

Join this week’s host, Ann Boger, VP of Scaling at Coterie Insurance, as she guides Cassidy deep into her experience to expose how every entrepreneur can take the leap to live their dream. 

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