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As a busy insurance agent or broker, you likely have phone calls, emails, and walk-in clients who need your help. Saving time isn’t just an aspiration, it’s a necessity. Coterie is helping you save time with our dashboard which takes just two pieces of information to start a bindable quote. Learn more about why your clients will benefit when you start with Coterie Insurance.  

The power of Coterie’s dashboard is in its ability to pull data from existing sources to then input automatically for your review, saving you from manual data entry.  In fact, with Coterie, agents and brokers are capable of saving as much as 75% of the time they would have otherwise spent on certain tasks. 

Why Should Agents and Brokers start with Coterie Insurance?  

Our experience makes it possible for an agent or broker to generate an individualized quote for a specific company before even contacting that company because we provide the necessary information to underwrite the risk. When agents do reach out to a business with an offer, they can present a bindable quote.  

Offering prospective customers a hard number that they can review is far more effective than simply calling with a potential offer for insurance coverage. The business likely needs insurance fast, and wants a bindable quote to say yes or no to. 

Skip the Fact-Finding Process 

Coterie makes it easier than ever for agents and brokers to skip past the fact-finding process when quoting small commercial insurance. No more putting a call out to a prospective client to gauge their potential interest in getting small business insurance coverage, then slowly discovering the potential needs of that client and how much they can afford to pay for their coverage.  

When agents start with Coterie Insurance first, they can skip many of those early questions. The system pulls available information to craft an individualized quote for any given business based on how much coverage they likely need and what they can potentially afford to pay for it.  

The Future of Insurance Coverage 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so already, please contact us and learn why you should start with Coterie Insurance. You will be glad that you took the time necessary to get the information you needed to get started.  

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