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For agents and brokers, built by agents and brokers. Learn how Coterie is reimagining the small commercial experience for agents and brokers across the country.

The Future of Insurance

Discover why insurance agent Julio Castro considers Coterie the best small commercial insurance solution out there.

“Coterie is the future of insurance, it’s faster than anything else out there.”

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Simply, quick, and satisfying process

“Recently I had an emergency that called me out of the office unexpectedly. Still, I had a customer that emailed just before that they wanted to move forward with the Coterie quote I had provided. …

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Simplify Your Small Business Insurance Experience.

Now, more than ever, businesses need help from agents to select the right coverage – and Coterie Insurance is here to help!

We connect small businesses looking for insurance with our network of independent insurance agents and brokers.

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Make the most of every customer interaction by spending your time where it matters most – building relationships.

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At Coterie, we are putting relationships at the forefront of small business insurance.

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