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Tools to know about:

You don’t need to speak to an underwriter or member of our team to find out if a business is in appetite.
In Coterie’s Dashboard, see if a business is in appetite before entering the business name and address on our “New Quote” page.
This checker will get you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer in seconds.

Generate a Certificate of Insurance directly in Coterie Insurance’s Dashboard.
Viewing the ‘Policies’ tab and clicking the green ‘Actions’ button, you will see a drop-down for three actions.
Click on Generate COI to download a Certificate of Insurance to your computer.
**It is not emailed, you must download it directly.

Submit a Policy Change Form directly on Dashboard within the ‘Policies’ tab under the green ‘Actions’ button.
You can also submit a Policy Change Form by filling out the form on Coterie’s website.

Easily cancel a policy in Coterie’s Dashboard.
Just like generating a Certificate of Insurance and Policy Change Form, find ‘Cancel a Policy’ in the ‘Policies’ tab under the green ‘Actions’ button drop-down.

Do you need to request a ‘Loss Run Report’? Do so by filling out the form on our Claims page.

If you need to report a claim, you can do so 24/7 on our Claims page, too.

Now you can make payments and update payment methods on behalf of your clients. 

When you go to your Policies page in Dashboard, you’ll see if you have a client with an overdue payment, along with the option for you to make a payment.

Share our Policyholder Account with your clients so they can update their payment method. IMPORTANT: Your clients will use the email in the ‘Policyholder Email’ field on the policy docs to log into Billing Center. If your clients have any other questions, send them to our Policyholder Help page.

Looking for answers to other questions?

Visit Producer Resources and Help Center to find the help you are looking for efficiently and effectively.

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If you are looking for other answers, always check our help center. Coterie is continuing to update Dashboard and our tools to bring you a quoting platform that works for your needs and customers.

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