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And I Quote launched in March 2022 and is going into the fourth season.

Through conversations with insurance industry experts, our podcast brings our listeners and subscribers news and education around subjects like insurance trends, email marketing, video creation, events, and more.

Because Relationships Matter

‘And I Quote’, is all about relationships because the insurance industry is all about creating connections, providing support, and being there when the unimaginable happens.

Coterie Insurance puts the relationship that our agents and partners have with their small businesses first. Coterie can get you a bindable quote to send to your client within minutes so you can spend more time being the risk advisor and educator.

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Season 1 Episodes of the And I Quote Podcast

Listen to our top 3 episodes from Season 1 of Coterie’s podcast, And I Quote

In this episode, Ann Boger sits down to speak with Cassidy Arbeli, serial entrepreneur, insurance agent, and founder of Unburden Your Business.

Topics covered:
– Providing value to your clients via social media
– Standing out from the competition
– Building powerful relationships in the insurance industry
– Surrounding yourself with people that want you to succeed

In this episode, Ann Boger speaks with Alex Dopazo, partner at Dopazo and Associates Insurance Services in Florida.

In this episode, Alex goes through how he creates videos for YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms to reach his target audience. Focused on educational content, Alex has a few different shows that he uses to highlight the variety of services his agency offers.

In this episode of And I Quote, Brian Thomas has the pleasure of speaking with Jann Robinson, owner of a Minority Women-Owned Business, ASTORIA RMS.

Jann has a unique background and shares fun stories about catering for celebrities such as Beyonce and even a former President of the United States. This episode is full of laughs and highlights the daily vital work insurance agents do for small businesses.

Season 2 of the And I Quote Podcast

Listen to our top 3 episodes from Season 2 of Coterie’s podcast, And I Quote

In this episode of the And I Quote podcast, Ann Boger speaks with James Riviezzo, Executive VP at Briza.

In this episode James shares where he thinks the insurance industry is going and how to get on the boat.

Technology is something that is unavoidable, and it’s time to start learning how to best integrate it into your business.

It’s time to start showing up on social media and creating a brand voice for your insurance agency.

In this episode, Vianey Butterfield, owner of Butterfield Insurance Agency gives the best advice on how to bring your authentic self to social media and showcase your personality on your business profile. If you want to attract your target audience, you have to share content that will resonate with them.

Rob Galbraith, founder of Forestview Insights and best-selling author for his book, “The End of Insurance as We Know It” discusses the importance of speed in the insurance space.

People don’t want to spend a lot of time engaging in getting insurance; however, they do want assurance they are checking off the right boxes and entering the best information, AKA using expert advisors.

Season 3 of And I Quote Podcast

Listen to Season 3 of Coterie’s podcast, And I Quote

In this episode of the And I Quote podcast, Bobbie Collies, Chief Growth Officer at Coterie Insurance speaks with Chris Cline, Executive Director Agents Council for Technology at IIABA.

In this episode, we discuss the relationships between people and technology, how agencies can build strong relationships using technology, and we look at how technology can help you operate your agency more efficiently.

Monica Adwani joins Coterie Insurance on the And I Quote podcast.

Monica Adwani is the Chief Operating Officer of BRZ Insurance and the Managing Partner at Savvital which offers virtual assistant solutions. Monica is also a leader in the insurance space, a speaker, and a host of her podcast, Transcend with M

In this episode, Monica discusses topics like:
Creating diverse communities, goal setting, and public speaking.

In this episode of Coterie’s podcast, And I Quote, Ashleigh Burden, Marketing Manager at Coterie Insurance speaks with Jessica Fukuchi, President of PCRG Insurance.

Topics discussed in this episode include:
– Recruiting and hiring in the insurance agency
– Advice for new agents or agents looking to start their own agency
-Being a strong woman leader in the industry

Ema Roloff joins Coterie Insurance’s podcast, And I Quote.

Ema Roloff is the Director of North American Property and Casualty Sales at EIS. She also has created her a very well known personal brand on LinkedIn and TikTok through the creation of viral and insightful short-form video content.

In this episode Ema discusses creating TikTok videos, understanding a company’s ‘why’, and producing content that resonates with her audience.

Bobbie Collies sits down with Nick Berry, Marketing Operations Manager at Better Agency to discuss how insurance agents can effectively use ChatGPT and other AI tech.

Nick also shares great advice and tips on crafting the perfect email and what insights to look for to measure the success of the campaign. Email automation can be time consuming to implement but simple sequences are so important.

Season 4 of And I Quote Podcast

Listen to Season 4 of Coterie’s podcast, And I Quote

Meet our Hosts

Throughout our three seasons of And I Quote, we have had the pleasure of introducing you to four Coterians that enjoy building relationships with our agents, partners, and industry experts.

These individuals have been invaluable to growing our podcast and have dedicated time out of their day-to-day work to make sure they deliver conversations that educate our listeners. Join our hosts, Ashleigh Burden and Bobbie Collies, as we dive deeper into these conversations.

Ashleigh Burden, marketing manager at coterie insurance, And I Quote podcast host for season 3.

Ashleigh Burden

Marketing Manager

Bobbie Collies, Chief Growth Officer at Coterie Insurance, And I Quote podcast host for season 3

Bobbie Collies

Chief Growth Officer

If you would like to be a guest on Coterie Insurance’s podcast, And I Quote, please email with your information.

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