Introducing Coterie’s Podcast, “And I Quote” 

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Coterie Insurance has launched a podcast, “And I Quote”. We’re thrilled to share the first episode, introducing our hosts.  

The podcast explores the power that communication, connection, and commitment can have on independent agents. While the podcast has two hosts, they will take turns leading episodes, interviewing agents, small businesses, industry influencers, and more. The two dynamos ask insightful questions to shine a spotlight on key findings from agency owners, small businesses, and industry influencers.  

Meet the podcast hosts 

Ann Boger, VP of Scaling, has spent the past several years of her career supporting small businesses. With over 15 years of experience focused on microbusinesses and solopreneurs, Ann has long been a small business advocate.  Before joining Coterie, Ann co-founded a benefits tech platform for freelancers and was the Chief Operating Officer for Freelancers Union. Ann lives in Brooklyn, NY where she is an avid baker, hiker and reader.    

“At Coterie, there’s a real focus on what agents and their clients need to make their lives simpler and to enhance their relationships,” Ann shared.  

Brian Thomas, Director of Claims Experience, lives in Long Island, NY and brings decades of claims experience to Coterie. If you’re worried that a claims professional might bore you, fear not. Brian is passionate about culture, diversity, and baseball and brings a fun perspective to the conversations.  

Because relationships matter 

Many independent agents are small business owners themselves, and they can understand the specific challenges small businesses face around issues like insurance and marketing. The podcast speaks to many insurance agents who are focused on building trustworthy relationships to become advocates for businesses in their communities.  

“In this day and age, it’s always so great to truly look and get to the crux of what matters – these relationships,” Brian said. 

Insurance is based on the trust that you’ll have the support you need when a business experiences a loss. So much of that trust comes from relationships and “And I Quote” seeks to shine a light on often untold stories in the insurance industry.  

New episodes are released every Thursday. Stay tuned for our next episode featuring our first guest next Thursday, March 10. Because relationships matter. 

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