Agents’ Online Reputations: Here’s How to Manage Yours

Agents' online reputations

Your reputation precedes you. Agents’ online reputations are more important than ever. This week’s “And I Quote” guest, Katy Kelly, Marketing Director at Talage, guides us through the sometimes rocky landscape of online reviews and review sites, and offers pointed advice about actively managing your online reputation.

“What shows up when someone searches for you on Google or Bing or Yahoo? People read reviews. They know something about you even before you know they’re looking at you,” Katy said. If there’s not much to find, many move on.

Increasingly, satisfied customers are willing to leave a positive review—though still less than 15 percent do. Conversely, unhappy customers are highly likely to leave negative reviews—upwards of 70 percent. This all impacts agents’ online reputations. 

So what do you do when a customer leaves a review that harms your reputation? Katy outlines several best practices for managing both negative and positive reviews.

“You can’t change, edit, or delete anything on a review site. But you can respond—and how you respond is often more important than the review itself,” she said.

The ‘how’ changes, depending on the situation that prompts the review. Listen in as Katy offers numerous examples of what to do and what not to do, including responding to technical issues, misinformation, even security breaches.

“Face reviews head on,” Katy said. “They can tell you a lot about what you’re doing right and where you can improve.”

Paige Janiszewski, producer of “And I Quote,” guest hosts this episode and delivers it straight to your favorite podcast platform, YouTubeSpotifyApple Podcasts, and the Google Play Store.

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