Two Minutes of a Business Owners Time to Quote Affordable Rates

Like many of us with a career in insurance, Michael Thompson stumbled into it. As someone who thrives on interaction, he enjoys being an insurance agent more than he ever could have imagined. 

“I love hearing about my clients’ children, their pets, and how they got started with their business,” he said. “You become part of the family you’re not an agent to them, you’re more like a family member and friend.” 

This focus on relationships has served Michael well. Not only has he grown his business significantly in recent years, but he has come to serve as an insurance resource and advisor within his community, enabling him to create a book of business made up of trusted clients and friends.  

Leveraging Speed and Service  

“Every time I have a commercial client, I log into Coterie’s Dashboard. Your platform is so easy to quote and your rates are pretty dang good that it only makes sense to make Coterie my first stop in quoting a client.” Michael said.  

Michael only started growing his commercial book of business in the last three years and specifically working with Coterie for just less than a year. He appreciates how simple it is for him to quote and bind his small business clients. “Whenever I quote any client, I go in to check if the business is in appetite, he said. “If it is, I don’t look anywhere else!” 

Aside from the ease of quoting, Michael has been able to help various businesses get the coverage they need at a competitive price point.  

“I quoted a landscaping business and was telling the business owner what his new rate would be—he was shocked at how affordable it was compared to what he had been paying,” Michael told Coterie Insurance. “He shared his son has his own business, as well, so we quoted the son, and he got a similarly competitive rate. With Coterie’s policy, he’ll be saving significant money and getting more coverage.”  

Michael loves that all it takes is some basic information from the client to get a bindable quote in minutes, and the right-size pricing is the cherry on top for him and his clients.  

So Easy, Anyone Could Do It 

Michael said that even with his own team, some new hires can be intimidated by commercial insurance in comparison to personal lines. “Coterie makes it so easy it’s almost harder to make a mistake than to do it right.”  

He even goes through the four-step process within Coterie’s Dashboard with his clients, so they can see how straightforward it is. Together, they can add in the coverages they want and need, and within two minutes the client can have a bindable quote.  

Michael has been so pleased with Coterie, he referred another agent who was able to bind multiple policies within her first week of being appointed. “She called me to tell me how awesome it was, she couldn’t believe how easy it was..  

Future Thinking 

“If you’re not using Coterie, you’re behind the times. Easy to use, easy to quote, easy to bind,.” Michael said.  “There are no questions about how to use it, or if you should. Just do it. 

As he sums it up, “Here’s your policy, thank you. What time is the BBQ? I’ll be there.” 

If you’re an agent looking for a better way to serve your small business clients, reach out to Coterie today. 

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