Sr Backend Engineer

We are looking for an experienced Backend Engineer to join our team! We’re using modern tech to make it easy for people and businesses to get the insurance coverage they need. You’ll help build and test APIs, rating engines, policy management systems, and more. The insurance industry is known for slow, clunky tools that weren’t built with the user in mind. We’re making them fast and reliable, and we’d love for you to join us.

As a Sr. Backend engineer you will build and write tests for our APIs, rating engines, and other C# code, as well as aid our leads in architectural designs. As you hit the ground running you will be able to develop and document new C# .NET Core APIs and rating engines, as well as refine and improve our existing products. In addition, you also work very closely with our product management team in helping create a development strategy that fits our product roadmaps, as well as be a part of our engineering team interviews.   

Technical Project Manager

We’re looking for a Technical Project Manager to join the Scaling Operations team to wrangle order out of chaos, reduce waste and push projects through to the finish line! Our Technical PM will be focused on the planning and management of our large-scale technology Infrastructure and software engineering projects.

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