Coterie Integrates with rikor to Expand Access to Business Owners Policy Insurance

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Coterie, the tech start-up that makes small business insurance easy, announced today that it has launched a business partnership with rikor to provide business owners policy insurance to small business owners. 

“The integration with rikor seamlessly complements Coterie’s digital tools, building upon our instant quoting and issuing capabilities to enhance security,” said Ray Lynch, VP of Growth at Coterie. “This partnership offers competitive premiums for small businesses so they can get the  insurance coverage hey need.”

Through this partnership, rikor users will gain access to Coterie’s unique software that allows easy, fast and accurate insurance quoting and binding. Rikor provides digital insurance compliance security, making business owners policy insurance safe and secure. 

“The team at rikor is looking forward to the value this partnership with Coterie will bring,” added Wade Millward, CEO of rikor. “Coterie is making it easy to sell insurance products the way we want to sell them.”

Rikor was developed to replace the antiquated certificate of insurance (COI) process with a platform that provides franchisors with a real-time pulse on their franchisees’ insurance. Rikor’s platform integrates insurance requirements as well as providing a touchless quote and rating program. 

About Coterie

Coterie is on a mission to make business insurance easy. Through tech-based business insurance solutions, Coterie delivers simpler coverage, more accurate pricing, and a streamlined experience. By enabling the instant quoting and issuing of policies as well as a 100% digital underwriting process, agents and brokers are able to simplify and digitize their operations to better serve small businesses. Digital insurance platforms are able to leverage Coterie’s simple, easy to integrate APIs, to further streamline the quoting and binding experience. Coterie’s expansive appetite is the most inclusive for the small businesses of today. For more information on Coterie and the digital transformation of small business insurance, go to

About rikor

Rikor was developed to offer real-time insurance compliance and replace the antiquated certificate of insurance (COI) process to provide franchisors with better insurance options.  The platform integrates insurance requirements and provides a touchless quote and rating program. 

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