Craft a Content Plan that Works: “And I Quote” Guest Shows You How

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Content guru and co-founder of The Convoy, Melanie Deziel, joins “And I Quote” this week to discuss how sharing expertise opens the digital door to new business.

From web copy, blogs, and videos to your logo, sell sheets, and even a quip on your marquee, content is anything you use you to communicate with your audience.

As a marketing tool, content is the undisputed heavy-weight champion: it is how prospects find you when you don’t even know they are looking for you. Of course, posting content for the sake of posting content isn’t what we’re talking about—you need a plan, and Melanie offers you these 30 minutes packed with ways to:

  • Create a broad-stroked plan
  • Know what kind of content to publish
  • Avoid pitfalls
  • Measure your results
  • Refine your plan over time

“Every day, I see agents using content to demonstrate their expertise, educate vs. sell, and show prospects how to use insurance to achieve business growth,” Co-host Ann Boger, VP of Scaling at Coterie Insurance, said. “It is a powerful way to connect with their audience.”

Make no mistake, publishing content is a long-term strategy. It takes some time to gain traction. No one really knows how long—for some it’s three months, for others it takes a year or more. It’s like learning to shoot a bow: you have to practice, but once your arrow flies true, you are vested with great power.

“The key is to commit and to know you’re building something,” Melanie said.

Certainly, not everyone is always as on fire creatively as Melanie. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is being consistent, showing your audience both your expertise and personality, and offering help to people with no expectation of them.

As a business owner, marketing VP, and author of her new book, The Content Fuel FrameworkMelanie knows what it takes some days to keep marching forward. It’s why she’s so committed to helping others avoid mistakes she made, adopt new tools and strategies, and build into each other.

“It feels really good to work for a brand that is helping people,” she said. “It’s pretty hard to beat.”

“And I Quote” condenses expert insights for insurance agents and agency owners into less than 30 minutes each week. Watch it today on your favorite podcast platform, YouTubeSpotifyApple Podcasts, and the Google Play Store.

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