It’s Here – Automated Digital Underwriting for Small Business Insurance    

Independent agents can now prospect, quote, and sell small business insurance like never before. Coterie Insurance unveiled our new Dashboard experience, revolutionizing digital underwriting for small business insurance. 

Coterie Insurance brings you the SimplyBind Experience

Provide a name and address, the data does the rest 

Fill in just two fields, the business name and address, and we instantly pull and verify publicly available data to: 

  • Pre-fill the insurance application for you, which you can confirm or revise. 
  • Make custom coverage recommendations that protect your E&O exposure. 
  • Provide a bindable quote in minutes. 

Small business is now profitable business  

Insurtechs have been racing for a solution to offer digital underwriting for small business insurance products. Coterie is proud to deliver speed, simplicity, and service with Coterie. By prioritizing agents and building our platform on agent feedback, the: 

  • Dashboard is simple and easy to use. 
  • Appetite guide is always available. 
  • Applications require only a name and address to create a bindable quote 
  • Paperwork is done for you. 
  • Coverage can be tailored to your customers’ unique needs. 
  • Quote-bind process is 75% faster, so it’s worth your time to write small business. 

Reliable data makes the difference  

Think about how much data exists in the world. Public records, services, taxes, news, weather, crime reports, social media postings, photographs, satellite images, Google searches, and shopping habits are just some of the data points collected by companies across the globe every day. 

Coterie cracked the code on how to pull and cross-reference relevant insurance data from this enormous pool and provide you with a true automated underwriting experience that is easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to sell. And it’s fast—bullet-train fast. 

Of course, you can change the business details when you review the data, though we’re confident you’ll find it as reliable as we do. 

Prospecting made easy 

Small businesses are opening in record-shattering numbers. Now, with just a business name and address, you can research prospects, gain insight into risk, explore coverage options, and reach out to any small business customer ready to write the business instantly.  

Gone are the days when independent agents had to slog through complex commercial lines applications, only to find the traditional insurance carriers either won’t underwrite your small business clients, or they offer bloated coverage at too high a premium. 

The Coterie Dashboard opens the small business market for you in a way that makes it easy to: 

  • Verify that a small business is in appetite. 
  • Confirm or change the pre-filled application information. 
  • Make informed coverage selections. 
  • Create a quote you can bind on the spot or send to your client so they can purchase through you with the click of a button and a credit card number. 
  • Prospect and respond immediately when a small business owner needs coverage. 

Admitted products, world-class service 

Making it easy to prospect and sell small commercial isn’t enough. You need to know the products you sell are priced right for your clients, offer the protections they need, and are backed by superior customer and claims service. 

Write with confidence, knowing 100% of Coterie’s insurance products are admitted, backed by strong financial partners, and serviced by a team rated as world-class by the recent NFP score. 

In sum, Coterie is for hands-on agents who want to build trusted relationships with their clients and still be empowered by the latest technology, insurance coverage options, and the finest customer and claims service in the industry. 

It’s time to rethink your opportunity in small commercial. 

Become a producer 

Your insurance expertise cannot be overstated, which is why Coterie’s underwriting, insurance products, and technology are built by agents, for agents. Quoting is easy. Binding is easy. Servicing your clients is easy. And becoming an affiliated producer is easy, too. 

There is nearly $1 billion in new business waiting for you in small commercial. Coterie helps you capture your share quickly, reliably, and profitably. 

Are you ready to be part of the insurance revolution? Become a producer today

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