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insurance for contractors

Contractors have unique insurance needs. Independent contractors need insurance when they need it, and they often need it fast. But the regulations governing contractor insurance can be confusing.  

What general contractors does Coterie Insurance write? 

Coterie covers contractors that sub-contract out less than 50% of their work. However, Coterie does not write general contractors or those contractors doing ground-up construction.  No paper contractors, i.e., contractors who sub out 100% of the construction operations.  House flippers are prohibited, as are remodelers doing room additions.  

Notable exclusion: Our BOP does contain an exclusion for damage to work performed by subcontractors on a contractor’s behalf. Agents should be aware and make their clients aware of this exclusion. This is form BP1419 0110. 

What about home remodeling and renovation? 

Handymen is an open industry.  Home remodeling/renovation is not.  

Handymen typically do maintenance work and odd jobs, such as touch-ups and repairs to fixtures, drywall, tile work, and flooring.   

Home remodelers and renovators perform jobs such as add-ons and full remodels; think of their main operation as creating something new.  These jobs may consist of ground-up construction involving roofing work, concrete foundation pouring, and building framing, which are prohibited exposures for us. They may also be more extensive projects which require staff who are licensed and/or specialized in various areas. For example, remodeling a bathroom might require an electrician to install a new vent fan and a plumber to redo the bathtub/shower water pipes and drains.  

Does Coterie write artisan contractors? 

An artisan contractor is someone who specializes in a trade and does the work themselves. Coterie loves to write artisan contractors in the following classes: 

  • Electrical Contractors,  
  • Plumbing and HVAC Contractors,    
  • Painting,  
  • Drywall, & Insulation Contractors,  
  • Masonry, Flooring, and Tile Contractors   
  • Finish Carpentry Contractors   

Review the following sample of excluded classes: Asbestos or Mold (Toxic Substance) Remediation, Blasting, Demolition or Wrecking Work, Concrete Pouring and Foundation Work, Guniting and Shotcrete, Contractors Equipment Rental to Others, Crime Scene Cleanup, Debris Removal (if sole operation). 

Please note, we do not write any contractors in the state of New York at this time. 

Coterie Insurance believes insurance for contractors should be easier. We offer solutions to meet the needs of contractors as well as their agents and brokers.

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