New California Insurance Regulation Requires Insurance Professionals to Include License Number on Emails

New California Insurance Regulation Explained

California’s insurance industry is subject to strict regulations to ensure that consumers are protected and treated fairly. As such, the state requires that insurance producers, independent insurance adjusters, public insurance adjusters, and analysts be licensed in order to carry out their work. Starting January 1, 2023, a new California insurance regulation requires these professionals to include their license number on all emails related to their work. 

This requirement is meant to increase transparency and make it easier for consumers to verify the credentials of the professionals they are working with. It also helps to ensure that only licensed professionals are conducting insurance-related business in the state. The law applies to a wide range of insurance licenses, including but not limited to those for property and casualty broker-agents and personal lines agents. 

The license number must be included in a type size that is no smaller than the largest of any street address, email address, or telephone number on the email, and must appear adjacent to or on the line below the individual’s or organization’s name. If an individual licensee works for multiple licensed agencies and sends an email that includes the name of all agencies, the license number for each agency must be included. 

This new requirement is just one of many measures in place to ensure that California’s insurance industry is well-regulated and that consumers are protected. If you have any questions about this new law or about insurance licensing in general, you can contact the Producer Licensing Bureau for more information. 

Coterie Insurance is proud to work with licensed insurance professionals in the state of California. Learn more about becoming a Coterie producer today! 

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