May 5, 2020

Professional Development at Coterie

Karl Morand

Caleb LeNoir

We believe it's important to build into our team members, and that time should be set aside to make sure it happens. One of the ways we do that is making time every sprint for professional development (PD). The goal of PD at Coterie is to make sure our developers continue to learn and grow.

Professional development on the tech team is simple: anything that helps you grow as a developer. It can be related to what we do as a company, but it absolutely doesn't have to be. If someone wants to learn about game development, we'll support that 100%.

Our tech team does PD during mid-sprint Monday mornings. Setting a time when everyone on the team works on PD makes it clear that it's a priority, and it removes any guilt someone might feel taking time to do PD. If someone has the option to work on PD or a backlog item, they might feel like they're letting the team down by doing PD.

In our last sprint members of the tech team used their PD time to learn things like:

  • Microsoft Azure DevOps
  • Angular
  • MongoDB
  • TypeScript

Some of those are technologies that Coterie doesn't use, and might never use. But, by learning them, our devs continue to grow their skillset, which clearly benefits them and Coterie.

If this sounds interesting you should check out our careers page. We're hiring, and we'd love to talk to you!

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