When Should You Review Your Commercial Insurance Policy? 

review commercial insurance policy

Reviewing your commercial insurance policy is something you should do at a minimum once a year. However, you should also review it if you have any changes. 

Whether you have a business owner’s policy, a General Liability policy or a Professional Liability policy, take time to review your policy to ensure you’re well-equipped for the unexpected.

You should also sit down to review your policy if you experience a change to your business or your overall situation.

These include: 

  1. Changes to staffing levels.  
  1. Purchasing new company vehicles or equipment 
  1. Making improvements to your building 
  1. Changes in your company’s revenue 
  1. Adding a new facility or leasing a larger one 
  1. Working with new vendors or contractors 
  1. Changes to your leadership team 
  1. Adding new products or services to your business 

Watch this video to learn more and reach out to your agent when you’re ready to review your policy. 

Be sure to reach out to a licensed agent or broker to help you review your commercial insurance policy.

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