2023 LinkedIn Tips for Insurance Agents and Brokers 

While LinkedIn has been around for several years, it may not be the first social media platform you think about for helping grow your agency. Today we’re sharing LinkedIn tips for insurance agents and brokers that you can leverage the platform to boost leads and expand your network.  Jump In  LinkedIn, like all social media […]

How Can You Help Restaurant Insurance Clients Maintain Safety Standards? 

Running a restaurant is a complex and challenging task that requires careful attention to detail. One of the most critical aspects of operating a successful restaurant is maintaining safety for both customers and employees. That’s why Coterie Insurance recommends sharing our Restaurant Safety Checklist with your restaurant insurance clients. The comprehensive checklist covers several factors […]

Who Should be the Named Insured on Commercial Insurance Policies?

What significance does the Named Insured have on a commercial insurance policy?  The named insured is basically the owner of the policy.  He or she has the broadest protection and broadest indemnity under the policy as well as certain responsibilities.  The named insured typically chooses the type of policy and the amount of coverage, receives […]

Champion Mindset – Why Should You Consider Writing Insurance for Sporting Goods Stores? 

What unique risks and exposures do sporting goods stores face? Sporting goods stores may specialize in a specific sport such as skiing or hunting, or they may offer clothing, equipment, and accessories for a wide range of sporting, hunting, and fishing activities. Some stores also offer equipment rentals, repair services, trade-ins, and used equipment sales, […]

Why Should My Clients Inventory and Insure Business Personal Property?

As a small business insurance agent or broker, you know that organization is critical for small and new businesses. It’s easy to prioritize things that seem critical in the moment and deprioritize others that are essential. A business inventory list might not seem important at the very beginning, especially for small and micro-operations. You may […]

The Resilience of Independent Insurance Agents

“The Independent Agency System continues to grow and adapt despite challenges of the last couple of years.” This is a recent quote from Bob Rusbuldt, Big “I” president & CEO. Direct evidence of this would be the increase of almost 4,000 new agencies during the pandemic. “Business conditions will continue to be favorable,” Rusbuldt continues. […]

The Power of Referral-Based Insurance Businesses and Building a Strong Team 

How can you build a referral-based insurance business all while developing a top-performing team? Jessica Fukuchi, business owner and President of PCRG Insurance, joined the And I Quote podcast by Coterie Insurance and shared her journey in the insurance industry and how she built her business without relying on marketing or buying leads. For Jessica, […]

What Does Photography Insurance Cover? 

If you’re an insurance agent who writes photography insurance, it’s important to understand the unique risks that these businesses face. Photographers take still and video pictures for clients, either at their own studios or off-premises at the customer’s home, business, or at a third-party site such as a hall rented for a wedding reception or […]

What Types of Restaurant Insurance Can I Write With Coterie? 

At Coterie, we understand the unique challenges faced by restaurants, and we are here to help you offer the best possible coverage to your clients. For us, a restaurant is a place that primarily prepares and serves food for consumption, either on the premises or for takeout. Alcohol sales must not be the primary source […]

When is it time to review your client’s commercial insurance policy?

As a trusted insurance expert to your clients, it’s important to advise them on when to review their commercial insurance policy. Regular policy reviews can ensure that your clients have adequate coverage for their changing business needs and can also help identify any potential coverage gaps.   Encourage your clients to review their policy annually and […]

Help Your Small Business Clients Recession-Proof Their Operations

Rising costs, layoffs and an uncertain stock market are on many Americans’ minds. As you may be hearing from your small business clients, many owners are wondering if a recession is around the corner.   A recession is a long and widespread decrease in economic activity. During a recession, companies of all types and sizes experience […]

Coterie Insurance Honors Top 5 Agents of 2022

As a partnership-driven insurtech MGA, Coterie Insurance is designed to simplify small business insurance for everyone involved: agents, brokers, partners, and small businesses. And only together are we successful.  That’s why we’re launching an initiative to honor our Top 5 Agents of 2022. These agents stand out for driving outstanding growth with Coterie, taking part in […]

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