Insurance 101: Understand Insurance for Small Businesses

Here at Coterie, we like to consider ourselves “insurance nerds”. In this blog, we dive into the basic concepts and history of insurance, with a focus on insurance for small businesses. Understanding how insurance works is crucial to making sure you can explain the ins and outs to your clients and prospects. A Brief History […]

4 Insurance FAQs for Freelancers in 2023 

While being your own boss can be freeing, there are also plenty of challenges. As a freelancer, you must manage and maintain every aspect of your business, including insurance and financials. Business Insurance can be complicated, so we recommend working with an agent and educating yourself with these FAQs for freelancers.  Do I need business […]

How Building Automated Digital Underwriting Helps Agents and Brokers Like You 

What’s it like to build a modern technology experience while keeping agents, brokers, and partners in the driver’s seat of their customer relationships? Find out in the latest episode of Coterie Insurance’s “And I Quote” podcast. In this episode, Pete Buccola, VP of Insurance at Coterie and Paul Bessire, VP of Data, discuss what it […]

Stay Sharpe

I’m standing on the 2ft wide girder of a bridge 300ft above a river. Nothing separates me from eternity but a strong gust of wind. No handrails, no ropes, no idea what I’m doing. Feel familiar? “I’m going to go a little farther out,” I think.  Risk. We all take it. Stepping out of the […]

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