Business Insurance Claims Obligations for Small Business Owners 

Running a small business involves a variety of decisions – from inventory management and interior design choices to hiring considerations and bidding strategies. Amidst these daily choices, there’s one critical area that should not be overlooked: understanding your insurance obligations. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, being aware of the impact that your […]

Professional Liability Insurance Explained 

Are you a consultant trying to figure out if you need professional liability insurance?   If so, you’re not alone. It’s not always easy to determine what insurance type will cover what risks. Professional liability insurance covers liability for damages arising from the rendering of or failure to render professional services. Professional liability insurance allows you to […]

Insurance Considerations When Renting Your Business Space      

Once you decide to start your own small business, your first step is likely to decide where you want to operate your business from. You may decide to conduct business out of your home, purchase a building of your own, or lease building space from someone else. Read on to learn more about what you need […]

What is Independent Contractor Insurance? 

Contractors are inherently exposed to more risks than you would be as an employee. Without adequate Independent Contractor insurance, mistakes, disasters, and lawsuits could leave you bankrupt and out of business, bringing an end to your livelihood.  1099 contractors are self-employed, which comes with all the benefits and downsides of self-employment. Though you’re free to […]

Get to Know Your Business Insurance Certificate 

As a freelancer, you probably get asked for a Certificate of Insurance all the time. But you’re likely wondering, “what is a business insurance certificate and why do I need it?” This article will tell you everything you need to know about Certificates of Insurance.  What is a business insurance certificate?  A Certificate of Insurance […]

What is Coinsurance and how does it affect my business property insurance?

If you’ve ever purchased a homeowners policy or commercial property policy, then you’ve likely had a policy that contained a coinsurance clause. But what exactly is “coinsurance” and how does it affect you?   You likely already know that Business property insurance helps your business bounce back from disaster after a covered event, but it’s only […]

How Do Small Business Insurance Services Work? 

Insurance is a method of sharing risk, in which each member of a group pays a small amount of money each month or year in return for protection from larger and unexpected financial perils.   But how do small business insurance and in turn, business insurance services work?  Small business insurance services are similar to other […]

When to Consider Damage to Premises Rented to You 

If you rent the space in which you conduct your business, you’ll likely want to consider damage to premises rented to you coverage. This coverage protects the rented space in the case of a covered incident.   What is damage to premises rented to you and what does it cover?  Typically found in general liability policies, […]

Construction Insurance: Why It’s Important for Your Business

As you may already know, running a construction business can be extremely lucrative, but there are risks that come with this type of business. Construction contractors are prone to experiencing accidents on the job in ways that other occupations do not. If you’re serious about running your own construction company, it’s important that you understand […]

Do You Need LLC Business Insurance? Yes, And Here’s Why!  

If you run an LLC (Limited Liability Company), you may be wondering if you need LLC business insurance. The answer is yes! If you run a business of any kind – including an LLC – business insurance is the best way to protect yourself from liability as your business grows.  Learn more about why LLC […]

Mitigation Tips: Protecting Commercial Property from Hail

Hailstorms can be swift and destructive, damaging buildings, outdoor equipment, and vehicles in a matter of minutes. For commercial property owners, such damage can result in destroyed property, costly repairs, business disruptions, and lost revenue. Learn more about protecting commercial property including the risk hail poses and preventive measures to protect buildings from hail damage.   […]

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