When to Consider Damage to Premises Rented to You 

If you rent the space in which you conduct your business, you’ll likely want to consider damage to premises rented to you coverage. This coverage protects the rented space in the case of a covered incident.   What is damage to premises rented to you and what does it cover?  Typically found in general liability policies, […]

Understanding the Cost of Business Insurance for Startups 

Starting a business can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor, but it also comes with its fair share of risks. One important way to protect your business is by purchasing insurance, which can help cover the costs of unexpected events such as accidents, lawsuits, and natural disasters.   However, business insurance can be expensive, especially for […]

Winter Weather Liabilities for Small Businesses

The winter months bring more than just cold weather and shorter days; they bring the possibility of winter storms that may result in snow- and ice-covered landscapes. While it may be a winter wonderland for some, snow and ice buildup means a hazard with the potential for costly winter weather liabilities. If you deal with […]

What You Need To Know About New York Small Business Insurance

If you’re looking for small business insurance coverage in New York, you may have questions. What types of small business insurance policies should you consider to protect your New York small business? How much coverage do you need? What impacts the cost of small business insurance in New York?  You’ve got questions. And at Coterie Insurance, we’ve got answers. […]

Construction Insurance: Why It’s Important for Your Business

As you may already know, running a construction business can be extremely lucrative, but there are risks that come with this type of business. Construction contractors are prone to experiencing accidents on the job in ways that other occupations do not. If you’re serious about running your own construction company, it’s important that you understand […]

Do You Need LLC Business Insurance? Yes, And Here’s Why!  

If you run an LLC (Limited Liability Company), you may be wondering if you need LLC business insurance. The answer is yes! If you run a business of any kind – including an LLC – business insurance is the best way to protect yourself from liability as your business grows.  Learn more about why LLC […]

Mitigation Tips: Protecting Commercial Property from Hail

Hailstorms can be swift and destructive, damaging buildings, outdoor equipment, and vehicles in a matter of minutes. For commercial property owners, such damage can result in destroyed property, costly repairs, business disruptions, and lost revenue. Learn more about protecting commercial property including the risk hail poses and preventive measures to protect buildings from hail damage.   […]

Five Reasons You Need Small Business Startup Insurance  

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got a lot on your plate. And small business startup insurance is probably one of the last things on your mind as you manage your clients, build your business, hire employees, and continue to grow. In fact, it’s been estimated that up to 75% of startups and small businesses are […]

How Inflation Impacts Workers’ Compensation Cost 

Inflation is a growing concern for many individuals, businesses and industries across the country. As many insurance companies, agents and other in the industry are experiencing, the commercial insurance market is no exception to these concerns, and this includes the cost of coverages, including workers’ compensation cost. Like other goods and services, inflation can also […]

Five Reasons Independent Insurance Agents are Key to Small Business Success

Fire, weather, crime, negligence, bad luck—accidents come in every shape and size. Insurance carriers are fond of saying they protect you from such mayhem. In reality, small business insurance protects your financial investment, funding your ability to recover from a loss and get back to the business of running your business. No one knows more […]

Understanding Your Total Cost of Risk

Risk exists everywhere in business. As a small business owner, risk can be found across various aspects of your business. One of the biggest mistakes that small business owners make is assuming that the cost of risk only involves their insurance premiums paid, retained losses and administrative costs. However, the total cost of risk encompasses […]

Understanding Your Business Certificate of Insurance

A certificate of insurance (COI), also known as a business insurance certificate, is a document used to show insurance coverage proof. The document is issued by an insurance company and typically shown to interested third parties.  The certificate of insurance is known officially as the Acord 25 form. On the form, you’ll find the listed […]

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