Tarmika Partners With Coterie to Expand Opportunities to Independent Agents

New partnership

Tarmika’s integration with Coterie improves and simplifies agency workflows and expands opportunities for independent agents.

Coterie, the technology company that simplifies buying small business insurance, is pleased to announce a partnership with Tarmika, a platform designed to streamline the commercial insurance quoting process.

The Coterie and Tarmika partnership combines Coterie’s tech-based approach to insurance offerings with Tarmika’s efficient and empowering quoting solution, simplifying the process for independent insurance agencies.

“We are honored to be working with Tarmika to further improve and simplify agency workflows for small business insurance,” says Tim Metzner, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer and Co-founder of Coterie. “Our products are built for the small businesses of today and our 100% digital up-front underwriting will complement Tarmika’s carrier set well and also provide agencies with options for new ventures.”

“We’re excited to add a new element to our quoting experience by bringing Coterie onto the platform,” says Raghav Tanna, CEO at Tarmika.

What is Tarmika?

Tarmika is a single-entry platform that uses API integrations from top carriers across the United States to seamlessly deliver multiple quotes. Tarmika’s solution helps insurers grow their distribution channels to gain new business while supporting agencies’ ability to provide enhanced customer service.

By combining such integrations with a set of streamlined underwriting questions and extensive NAICS mapping, Tarmika aims to make selling business insurance as profitable as possible for independent agents

How integrating Tarmika with Coterie benefits independent agents

Coterie provides simple and easy-to-use APIs designed to integrate with leading insurance platforms. Integrating Coterie’s APIs with Tarmika’s quoting process supports independent agencies through:

  • Totally digital upfront underwriting (via Coterie) to complement Tarmika’s carrier set
  • The use of data to deliver instant, simple, and bindable quotes
  • Enhanced digital capabilities
  • New innovations and features developed and rolled out by both Coterie and Tarmika

Coterie’s tech-based approach to insurance offerings, coupled with Tarmika’s efficient single-entry quoting process, negates the otherwise time-consuming process of quoting and binding General Liability Insurance or Business Owners Policies.

Together, the Coterie and Tarmika partnership supports independent agencies’ ability to deliver quick and exceptional customer service, policy service, and 24/7 digital presence.

What next?

Independent agencies looking to improve, streamline, and enhance their quoting and binding process can take advantage of the partnership between Coterie and Tarmika by contacting us today!

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