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We recently asked our team members to share their thoughts on LinkedIn about why they enjoy working at Coterie Insurance. We were blown away by the responses and wanted to share some of them here. 

The passion that every team member brings to the day-to-day operation of Coterie is inspiring. This time last year, the collective team had our feet on the accelerator to implement a much-needed, small business insurance product that simplifies the buying experience. We did just that, for our agency partners and policyholders. We continue to improve our product offerings to meet the small business customer needs.” – Troy Galley, VP of Claims 

Coterie is more than a place to work, it’s a group of extremely talented and passionate people who genuinely care about each other and the products & services we are delivering. What’s not to love about that? The culture is a breath of fresh air. Our co-founders lead by example on a daily basis and provide encouragement, resources and support for each person to succeed. 
It’s an awesome place, our Coterie! ❤
” – Kelley Whorl, Director of Claims Operations 

One of the things I love most about working at Coterie Insurance is our commitment to learning. Integrity, humility, passion and intelligence means being willing to take feedback and turn it into action, to acknowledge when something isn’t working and embrace change.” – Ann Boger, VP of Scaling at Coterie Insurance  

At Coterie, gentle encouragement often turns to competition. This was no exception thanks to my cofounders Kevin Mackey and Tim Metzner. It’s this type of behavior that serves as the basis for what I love most about our company. 
It’s not just the competitiveness and passion though. It’s, surprisingly, not even how wicked-smart this crew is. It’s not the data. Though I do get pretty giddy when I start talking about that. 
It’s our actions. It’s what each one of us does day in and day out. It’s how we live and work with each other and strive toward making something better. Not for self-aggrandizement, but for the benefit of our people, partners, and policyholders. 

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by selfless people who focus positive energy on making life better. Couldn’t be more thankful for this team!” – David McFarland, CEO and Co-founder of Coterie Insurance  

This month, our team is sharing the things we love most about Coterie Insurance. Mine is our competitiveness. This team settles for nothing other than being the best at our craft. Add in a fitness challenge or a game night and that competitive spirit spills over into hobbies and our lives. It allows us to all be type A, but with each other. That energy and momentum is what propels us to do new things in the insurance space every day. Cheers to the great people we have on our team!”- Kevin Mackey, COO and Co-founder of Coterie Insurance  

The people. Everyone is trying to kick butt to build something great but no one leaves you in the dust. No thought is wrong. people care about taking good care of this company while also making sure you’re able to grow as well. These two things aren’t mutually exclusive. Thanks Coterie Insurance for making my first two weeks full of support!” – Becky Monfre, Director of Account Distribution  

I love Coterie Insurance because each and every person here truly cares. About each other, about how we are transforming an industry for the better, about leaving each interaction better than we were before it. Caring is more than taking pride in our success. It’s feeling joy as we progress – both individually and collectively. Coterie is a place where people collaborate around shared values, feel valued as human beings, and have voice in decisions that impact them.” – Britni Zandbergen, VP of Marketing  

I love Coterie because of the intelligent, inspiring people that make collaborating on big goals fun! 🚀 Believe me, there are another 50 reasons but it comes first to the people. You only get this environment through deliberate culture planning and so grateful for how that’s manifested here.” – Katherine Jones, Director of Communications  

Why do I love Coterie? Passion. I am a passionate person that dreams big and wants to take chances. My colleagues at Coterie have supported me and pushed me to reach new heights in my personal business endeavors. 
I am thankful for not only being encouraged to grow within my role at Coterie Insurance, but for being motivated and proud to talk about my future brewery. My passion is fueled by the healthy questioning and entrepreneurial spirit. 
Even though we are a remote company, I feel connected to my colleagues. I am proud to work alongside determined individuals that don’t back down from challenges. I know we are all here for the same reasons and that is to simplify small business insurance.
” – Jessica Rosenow, Sr. Data Strategist 

What isn’t there to love about Coterie? There are many reasons but my top three include: 
1. I get to WFH which is a bonus for me and my pets 
2. I believe in Coterie’s mission and am so proud to be apart of it 
3. The culture! Every single person, no matter their department, is approachable, supportive and welcoming 
There isn’t anywhere else I’d want to be
.” – Nikki Avery, Senior Underwriting Advocate 

This doesn’t even feel like work! Coterie’s culture is the best.” Chelse Knight, Claims Adjuster  

I love working at Coterie Insurance because it is truly a team effort. You are working alongside people that trust you and believe you. You are led by managers that want to help you succeed. I feel empowered each morning when I start my day and feel proud and fulfilled when I close my computer, too.” – Paige Janiszewski, Social Media Strategist  

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