The Best Business Insurance Comes from Data-Driven Underwriting

data-driven underwriting

As an agent, you likely want to work with the best business insurance company and an insurance company that partners with you so you can succeed. Coterie is dedicated to building our tools together, so our agents and brokers can win. 

How Coterie provides data to agents & brokers 

We created the our easy quoting and binding experience to bring agents and brokers the best business insurance experience out there. This experience is the newest iteration of our dashboard to help agents use existing data to more easily quote and bind small business insurance policies. We strategically use data to make your life easier and position you as the expert with your client. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. You enter the business name and address. 
  1. We pull what we think the eligible NAICS code is and you confirm or change. 
  1. Then we pull all the necessary and relevant information from our data sources needed to underwrite the risk. 
  1. You can change what we pull or accept it. 

You make the choice to use the data after you see if it’s accurate or not, which means you make the decision about what gets used to write the policy. “We’re not just going to shove data in front of you and say this is how it is,” said Steve Barnard, director of data science at Coterie Insurance. 

Coterie provides data to agents and brokers to make the process easier, not to disrupt or hinder the experience. While our data is constantly improving, we allow for agent input and selection. 

Hear more details about the data behind the experience. 

Constant improvements 

Coterie is continually innovating to ensure small business insurance is no longer a hassle. We’re looking ahead to use data with our agents and their clients in mind to provide the best business insurance experience out there.  

It’s a team effort and with your help, our data will only get better with time. Whether through using data or listening to agents and brokers feedback, we’re committed to innovating to get it right.

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