Underwriting, Data, Technology…oh my!


Finally, small business insurance is catching up to the ease of personal lines with Coterie Insurance. We now use publicly available data to evaluate and rate risks. Provide the business name and address, then we pull data related to property and liability exposures, the premises, and other records that our underwriting engine analyzes and rates. Over 1200 known data points from eight sources are leveraged to provide the most accurate quote and coverage recommendations. Plus, we’re backed by a team of underwriters who have over 100 years of combined experience. 

Coterie doesn’t make assumptions. Instead, we ask you to review the pre-filled information with your client and confirm it’s correct or update it. While we suggest coverages, we’re confident that you know the business best and its unique considerations. You can choose exactly what coverage is to apply. No mystery, no black box.  

We’re using data for underwriting to save you time and make our risk assessment even more accurate, which benefits you and your customers. Let the data do the work and step into the future of small business insurance with Coterie. Learn more here. 

Become a producer today and see first-hand how data is changing the entire quote and bind experience to better protect the small businesses of today.  

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