Why Does Company Culture Matter for Success?

We’re committed to our core values, and are incredibly proud of the culture we’ve created here at Coterie Insurance. Just take a look at the fact that one of our co-founders and CSO, Tim Metzner, has been interviewed on the success of our culture a few times.

So why does company culture matter and what makes it special? Is it our virtual happy hours, monthly game nights, and quarterly team get-togethers? Partially. It’s also our company’s productivity and positive work environment.

While it’s certainly not the major factor contributing to our progress in disrupting the insurtech industry, our culture plays a significant role in how we work and the work we do. 

Coterie Insurance has grown exponentially over the past year, with another spurt just on the horizon as we look towards 2022. As we’ve steadily teetered to over 100 employees, how have we been able to sustain our company’s culture as we continue to grow in size and offerings?

The culture at Coterie Insurance is not just a check box in the hiring process, but something each of us lives every day, from bottom to top of our organization. We hire individuals who are culture adds and who embody our core values in their personality and actions, but also in the work they do.

  • Intelligence: Always be learning!
  • Integrity: Do the right thing, even when it’s hard.
  • Passion: Make your work your craft.
  • Humility: Don’t think less of yourself, think of yourself less.

Each team, individual, and division uses our core values as a lens to make decisions, set direction, evaluate and execute on nearly all initiatives at Coterie Insurance.


Intelligence may seem like a no brainer – we of course want to make smart decisions for our business and employees. However, it goes beyond just the basic concept of intelligence.

At Coterie Insurance, we practice intelligence by accepting and welcoming that we won’t have the answer for every challenge or question we face, but that is how we grow and improve. This is how new ideas, opportunities and skills are developed to improve our internal team and how we serve our agents and small businesses. By emphasizing that a great idea can come from anywhere in the company and that ideas are good, even if they don’t work out, we foster a culture of testing, iterating, and sharing.


When starting, growing, and maintaining a business, there will be many opportunities and paths to explore that can have a positive impact on the organization’s bottom line. Before committing to such opportunities, we do our best to examine if they align with our core values and our mission – to make small business insurance easier for our agents. Some will be spot on, while others will be somewhat adjacent or a far stretch. By leading with our core values, we’re able to sustain the integrity of our work and our offerings.


It’s important we foster passion as a company, but also in our personal lives, which is why we offer Core Coaching for all Coterie Insurance employees. This is a meeting where a team member and their manager can discuss personal and professional goals. Our team is ambitious, with big goals and aspirations that we want to be helping them work towards.


Humility doesn’t mean thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. It’s a vital part of creating a great culture. Who wants to work with people who constantly look to assign blame and take credit?

Unless we’re willing to be wrong, find and improve our deficiencies, and lean on the strengths of others, there will be a limit to what we can accomplish.

So Why Does Company Culture Matter?

We’ve found that being clear about our core values and consistently reinforcing them has become the foundation of the culture we’re building. Balancing intelligence and passion with humility and integrity has been a powerful part of creating the kind of environment where amazing people can do their best work.

Interested in joining the Coterie Insurance team? Visit our careers page to view our open positions!  

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