YouTube Channel Opens Door to Dopazo & Associates Insurance Agency

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Alex Dopazo has been driving ROI with online content since joining his father at Dopazo & Associates in 1997. This week on “And I Quote,” Alex shares what happened when, in 2016, he made the leap from hoping people would find his website to drawing clients to his agency through a YouTube channel. 

Gifted a camera, Alex recognized the opportunity he held in his hand: YouTube is second only to Google when it comes to people searching for solutions; if there’s one thing that he’s a natural at, it’s explaining insurance solutions. 

At first, he wasn’t such a natural on camera, but he decided a little practice would help him overcome his nerves. And he was right. Their YouTube videos turned out to be an ideal medium for their agency. 

“We’re not the traditional knock-on-doors, cold-calling type of insurance agency,” he said. Rather, he and his father seek to educate people first, and then be available to those who need them—a model that took a couple years to translate fully to a digital platform. 

Alex describes why, in those first two years, he changed his 10X11 office to double as his set, purchased a critical piece of equipment, and developed the three formats he uses for his videos. He also shares the measurable results of his efforts. Spoiler alert: between 40 and 60 leads come through his website every month—qualified leads who feel like they already know him. 

Launching such an effort can seem daunting, but like all new things, taking one committed step after another is the only way to succeed. 

Alex added video to educate people and open a door for insurance customers who need more to find him. Greeting the learning curve with a smile, today he admits enjoying being recognized in his community as “The Coffee Guy,” but humbly reminds us he’s just another small business owner finding ways to grow. 

“Sometimes I’m an IT guy, maybe I’m a janitor. Occasionally I get to talk about insurance,” he said. 

Agents considering social media marketing should listen to this episode, hosted by Ann Boger, VP of Scaling at Coterie Insurance.

As always, “And I Quote” packs great tips and insights about building relationships and planning for success into less than 30 minutes. Watch it today on your favorite podcast platform, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and the Google Play Store.

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