Write Meat Markets, Butcher Shops, BBQ Restaurants, Kitchenware Stores, and More with Coterie Insurance

Who doesn’t love a good outdoor BBQ with friends and family? We grouped 10 business classes we love to write based on a Barbeque theme.

These 10 business classes include:

  • Meat Markets
  • Butcher shops
  • Seasoning/Olive Oil Store
  • Beer-making supply store
  • Beer and Ale Distributors
  • BBQ Restaurants
  • Outdoor Grills Merchant Wholesalers
  • Kitchenware Stores
  • Fire extinguisher installation
  • BBQ Food stands and Food trucks

Coterie has put together some helpful content and information around these business classes:

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At Coterie, we are putting relationships at the forefront of small business insurance.

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