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We make protecting your business easy. Our products are created for people who work for themselves. Small business owners need a modern insurance solution, now they have one.
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General Liability Insurance (GL)

General liability is the most common form of business insurance. Every single professional needs some form of general liability coverage. Coterie offers standard year-long policies but also offers flexible duration, project-based coverage through our partners.

“Do you want basic coverage to protect your business from injuring others?” If yes, then you need a GL policy.

General liability insurance protects you and your business against claims of bodily injury or property damage. A GL policy can help pay for property damage, medical expenses and attorney fees that you are legally responsible for.

For example, a customer comes by your office and trips injuring themselves. If that customer decides to sue you, your general liability coverage will step in to pay for the damages.

Your general liability coverage does not pay for injury to yourself or your employees. Liability always pays for “the other guy.”

Flexible-duration means that you can get short term coverage for a single day or project. This lowers your cost by only paying for the coverage that you need when you need it.

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Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Business Owners Policies are more comprehensive and can be tailored to your business's exact needs. BOP’s are versatile policies designed to help small business owners protect their business and their property.

“Do you want coverage for your stuff and your building?” if yes, then you need to get a BOP policy.

A Business Owners Policy is a policy designed for small business owners that have a physical location they work out of and want coverage for more than just General Liability. A BOP has General Liability Coverage baked in plus coverage for your building, the stuff you use for your business (table’s, chair’s, saws, jackhammers, etc) and a bunch more all wrapped into one.

BOP’s can have pretty comprehensive coverage but they don’t cover, auto insurance, health, and disability insurance or worker’s compensation. You'll need separate insurance policies for those things

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Professional Liability Insurance (PL)

Mistakes happen. That’s why you need a PL policy. If a client sues because of a mistake you have made, don’t worry our PL policy has your back.

Professional Liability (sometimes called “Errors and Omissions”) is a type of liability insurance that covers you for failure to uphold contractual promises is mostly service-based professions.

In short, PL insures the work that you do and the advice that you give. If the work is incomplete, inadequate, or not delivered on time and a client sues you, E+O will cover the cost of the lawsuit and any damages that are awarded.

Professional Liability Insurance is most closely associated with professional services. Attorneys, accountants, architects, engineers, designers, photographers, financial advisers, real estate agents, and other such professions should carry some form of Professional Liability Insurance.

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